KM In Carolina
Letter to the Editor

August 23, 2012

My family will be eternally grateful for the help you provided to allow our son to finish the program at Northwest Academy.  Without your help we would have wasted 8 months of effort, agony and money and be left to start over. 

Our intentions from the beginning were to fund the cost of the NWA program on our own.  As we went through the process, unfortunately the funding for the initial loan never came to fruition.  Our son was already enrolled at NWA, and the school was patient during the process.  As it became apparent the loan wasn't going to fund, we started scrambling.  Educational loans are hard to find for this situation, but we were able to obtain some of the funds.  We were still left with a gap and nowhere to turn. 

We contacted Brandi and the foundation for help, and were thankful to hear the compassion for our situation and the possibility of a loan.  The process didn't take long, and we were able to get the loan so our son could complete the program. Our worst fears were eliminated! On top of this, our son wasn't able to complete the program on time and had to remain an additional 3 months.  The foundation didn't hesitate when we contacted them about assisting us again. 

Our son is now a high school graduate and getting ready to start classes in college.  This wouldn't have been possible without the help from the Friends of Families Foundation. 

Thank you.
K.M. in Carolina

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