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Posted: Mar 8, 2010 07:44

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During the last month, the following news was posted on

Timpview RTC was closed, and we were notified January 19, 2010.

On January 21, Deck House School evolved into a year round school.

January 25, Sage Star Center launched a new student-centered development course at Cherry Gulch, Vista Counseling Services partnered with Utley Family Farms, Turnabout/ Stillwater offered financing options to families and Newport Academy opened a boys program.

On January 28, Aspen announced Susan Cambria would be the vice president of eastern division and would be responsible for overseeing operations at Aspen's 10 eastern facilities including Academy at Swift River, Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, Bromley Brook School, Camp Huntington, Four Circles Recovery Center, New Leaf Academy of North Carolina, Phoenix Outdoor, Stone Mountain School, SUWS of the Carolinas and Talisman Programs.

January 30 Benchmark's Richard Brimhall retired as the Dean of Admissions.

Many press releases came in on February 1. Sheila Tart-Zelvin joined the business development team at Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC), Discovery Academy welcomed Phil Scoville, LMFT, Dr. David Smith, Chair of Addiction Medicine at Newport Academy will be presented the ASAM annual award in April, BestNotes announced the integration of its treatment program information management system with Family Bridge, an online tool for families of troubled teens created by the aftercare experts at Homeward Bound and Pasadena Villa Welcomed Dr. Myrtho Branch. Also, Elan received NIPSA accreditation.

On February 5, Elk Mountain Academy celebrated their 16th year in operation. Bridges Academy launched a music appreciation class, Vista at Dimple Dell Canyon began offering enhanced programming involving DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and Russ Pryor, LCSW, MBA, accepted the position of Admissions Director at the Aspen Institute, with Randi Nelson stepping into the role of Admissions coordinator. Also on February 5, we were introduced to an EAGALA program called Fresh Steps, EAP, owned by Darcie Kelly LCSW.

On February 9, Marla Simon, educational consultant, opened an office in San Diego, CA, and College Living Experience addressed the 30 percent college dropout rate with an article announcing their summer opportunities.

February 11, Recovery Plus opened a substance abuse and addiction treatment center near Salt Lake City, UT, Ironwood submitted a Press Release explaining therapeutic boarding schools in their view and Parth Gandhi told us about Peter Isquith's presentation on Executive Functioning. Also, Tiffany Wynn of Camp Mary Orton, announced the 6th Annual Research and Evaluation of Adventure Programming (REAP) Symposium would be held March 17-19, 2010.

On February 16, Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy sent a press release stating they had the privilege of hosting Base Camp 2010 earlier in February where seventy staff members and presenters were in attendance representing 17 Teen Challenge facilities from the Southeast region, and Discovery Ranch welcomed Jeanette Brown, LCSW, LSAC to the therapy team.

Tree Andrews announced February 18 that she had left Robert Meltzer's Educational Consultant practice to start her own. We also learned that Cherokee Creek Boys School's LEGO League team was headed to state finals.

Other news that was shared with Woodbury Reports included Father Ralph Groskoph, Episcopalian chaplain at the FFS retired and the annual NAWA Rescue Spring Training course was announced and will be held March 29 through April 3, 2010. Ten students
from the Grove School received "high honors" and were awarded breakfast with Peter Chorney, Executive Director and Robert Ruggiero, Principal.

Congratulations go to Jason and Serena Hull, from Nawa Academy on the arrival of your son, Caeden Travis Hull. He was born on September 21, 2009 and is already curious about the outdoors.

Visitors included Julia Andrick of Catherine Freer and Dan Doyle of Santiam Crossing.

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