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Posted: Jan 19, 2008 18:10

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Proficio Management, Inc.
West Jordan, UT

DeLaMare Moves To Proficio

Kimball DeLaMare, LCSW
Vice President

Kimball DeLaMare of Proficio Management Group announced his transition from Island View as follows:

It is with great pleasure that I look forward to continued work with many of you in the coming months and years. After a superb experience of over 13 years with the many wonderful staff associated with Island View and the Oakley School, and in the last few years with those of the Aspen Education Group, I now have an opportunity to begin an association with others also dedicated to helping families.

As Vice President for Proficio, a small management group, I am now part of a team that provides support services for three recently developed programs serving young people and their families. These employee-owned and operated programs include:

Aspiro- the leader in high adventure therapy ( Randy Oakley and his crew have combined classic elements of wilderness therapy with intense, week-long adventures ranging from climbing and rappelling to mountain biking and river running. This is accomplished at an extremely competitive price with extensive live family work during the course of treatment.

CALO (Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks) - an innovative specialty residential program serving youth who may struggle with issues of emotional regulation, attachment, and trauma ( Dr Ken Huey, along with his veteran clinical team, have pioneered a blend of best practice standards, work with golden retrievers, robust water and land adventures, and personalized treatment to help this challenging population.

Renovo Boys Academy of Missouri- Renovo ( is led by Brian Allred, LCSW, who has over ten years of focused work with young men who have a history of sexual problems. Brian and his staff provide proven intervention in a beautiful, home-like setting outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Renovo serves up to twelve youth, some of whom may receive treatment as an alternative to the justice system. All Renovo students benefit from interventions engineered to mitigate problematic behaviors and build positive coping skills.

I hope to be an additional resource to amplify the good work done in these programs. In the coming months, Proficio looks forward to developing in-home services for youth as a possible alternative to out-of-home placement as well as developing other services while collaborating with many of you to help serve youth and families who may be entrusted to our care.

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