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 Posted September 23, 2003 

SquareOne no longer going to continue business
(July 30, 2003) Doug and Ruth McKnight, 265-8596, asked to be removed from the website as they are not going to continue their business.

GERRARD MOVES TO Universal Health Services
(August 8, 2003) Barry Woodward, CEO of Provo Canyon School, Orem, Utah, 801-227-2100, announced Brad Gerrard, who has been the Director of Business Development for Provo Canyon School the past three years, has accepted a position with the parent company Universal Health Services (UHS) behavioral health facilities. Katie Jochum, formerly with CEDU Schools will become Provo Canyon’s new Director of Business Development.

(August 11, 2003) Ellwood Crowell, Jr. Director of Operations, Right Directions Adolescent Services, 208-890-4416 (cell), announced they now have “over 22 active male and female agents, with locations including Idaho, Massachusetts, Utah, Northern and Southern California, Georgia, New York, Rhode Island, and Nevada.” They also wish Alan Plant the best of luck in his new ventures, after he decided to part ways in early July. The Right Directions website now includes parent comments and detailed bios, complete with pictures of all their employees.

(August 13, 2003) Keith C. Russell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Outdoor Education, University of New Hampshire,124 Main St. New Hampshire Hall, Durham, NH 03824, 603-862-3047, reports: “Made it!!! On line and up and running.”

(August 25, 2003) A recent story in the Denver Business Journal reports that The World Wide Association of Specialty Schools and Programs (WWASPS), based in St. George, Utah has hired James Wall of the Freeman Wall Public Relations firm “to help battle sensational headlines the programs are grabbing in the international press.” Wall said “This was an organization that was very defensive with the media, and initially refusing to admit it had any flaws in its (sic) programs. That’s like catnip to a cat for a reporter.” The story continues, “One goal in hiring Wall was to correct the misconception the association ran the schools itself and was responsible for what occurred at them. WWASPS is more like a trade organization that represents the schools and can inform and educate, but not manage, said Ken Kay, president of the group.” Jean Galloway, of the Denver based Galloway Group said “We live in a transparent world. Those who try to hide, over the long term, only fail with that strategy. In the end, it serves you better to have a relationship with the media.” [This article apparently is not online at the Denver Business Journal site - Lon]

(August 27, 2003) Linda Houghton, founder of The Training Institute for Emotional Growth Education (TIEGE), 503-675-0735, announced the Annual TIEGE Conference will be held October 10 & 11, 2003 at Lake Oswego, Oregon. The Conference, titled EDUCATION & THERAPEIA, will include panel discussions, workshops, and a variety of presentations including keynote speaker John Lee, author of 12 books, including Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately. For more information and registration, contact Linda Houghton.

(August 27, 2003) The Vermont publication, Seven Days, ran the informative and positive article, “Fixing Troubled Kids,” by Cathy Resmer, featuring a mother who had enrolled her child at Academy at Swift River, in Massachusetts (info), 800-258-1770. It also featured pictures from King George School, in Sutton, Vermont, 800-218-5122 (info). Educational Consultant Ben Mason, in Charlotte, Vermont, 802-425-7600, and Educational Consultant Lon Woodbury, as well as Woodbury Reports (, at 208-267-5550, received favorable reviews as information resources.

(August 28, 2003) Jonathan and Sandra Mack have moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to join Connections, 505-385-3963 or 505-385-4329. This start-up business uses a home-based approach to support children and young adolescents, including those with Reactive Attachment Disorder, in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. The Macks state that if used preventatively, the program may eliminate the need for out-of-home placement and when residential treatment has been needed, Connections can help facilitate the transition back into the home. The Macks formerly were with Positive Impact, a residential program for boys in Kino Bay, Mexico.

(August 29, 2003) Curtis Washington, Ph.D., told Woodbury Reports that he has accepted a position with the Department of Juvenile Justice in Pahokee, Florida. Dr. Washington was formerly with Positive Impact, a residential program for boys in Kino Bay, Mexico

(August 29, 2003) Rosemary McKinnon, Director of Admissions for Montana Academy, Kalispell, Montana, 406-755-3149, announced the school opened a boys’ transition home in April, and a girls’ transition home in August. This will allow their older students to attend Flathead Valley Community College or to work while they either complete the last phase of the program or need a supported transition to independence after their graduation. Rosemary also reports a successful ecology and culture trip she took to the rainforest of Ecuador with 14 upper level students in June, accompanied by Dr. Dennis Malinak, therapist Dr. Victoria Case and biology teacher Jack Cesarone.

New Residential Admissions Manager at Secret Harbor
(September 3, 2003) Secret Harbor, Ancortes, WA, 360-293-5151, announces after many dedicated years, Admissions Coordinator, Sue Street has moved to a position within this agency’s community services program. They are pleased to announce that Rich Hanson, a 16-year Secret Harbor veteran of direct care and management, recently accepted the expanded Residential Admissions Manager position. Rich is now the primary contact person for inquiries and client referral, while still representing Secret Harbor at professional conferences, which he has done for many years.

(Sept. 8, 2003) Ed Watanabe, Dallas, Texas coordinator of Because I Love You of Texas, 972-529-6927, announced an open house on October 23, 2003 at the Spring Valley United Methodist Church, 7700 Spring Valley Road, Dallas Texas from 7PM to 9PM. Because I Love You (BILY) is a national parent self-support network with free meetings that are hosted totally by volunteers. BILY founder, Dennis Poncher, and National Board President, Jerry Goldman, from California will be special guests. For more information on BILY check or call their hot line 972-647-9573.

(Sept. 8, 203) Russell Chamberlain, LCSW, CADCIII, Portland, Oregon, 971-570—4331, shares a picture of both of his seven month babies. Chamberlain is the owner of LifeSTREAM Therapy, which emphasizes counseling through Experiential & Adventure Modalities.

(September 10, 2003) Normal T. Phelps, Jr., Headmaster, Phelps School, Malvern, Pennsylvania, 610-644-6679, reports he is “truly saddened to inform you that James E. Spiro, Director of Admissions, passed away on September 2, 20003 at his home in Havre de Grace, Maryland…He never gave up or lost his zest for life throughout his illness the past several months.” At the request of his family, the Jim Spiro Memorial Fund has been established to provide scholarships for young men at The Phelps School. His Memorial Service is Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 10:30 in the Phelps Auditorium.

(Sept. 11, 2003) Brad Matheson, Director of Admissions for Walkabout Treatment Program, Lehi, Utah, 801-766-3933, a wilderness program, announced they have contracted with Woodland Hills School. Certified teachers from Woodland Hills, an accredited school, will provide an educational component for the Walkabout wilderness program, by visiting the students in the field to tutor and instruct them in English, Earth Science, and History (Geography/ Anthropology). Walkabout wilderness participants can also earn credit in group interaction, psychology, physical education and art.

(Sept. 11, 2003) Tim Marshall, Executive Director of CEDU’s North Idaho Programs and Schools, Sandpoint, Idaho, announced Joanne Szadkowski, school Director for Rocky Mountain Academy, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 208-267-7522 has been appointed Assistant Regional Director for CEDU North Idaho Programs and Schools. Joanne will remain as Director of Rocky Mountain Academy during the consideration of internal and external candidates for that position. Tim would like to acknowledge Joanne’s leadership and accomplishments resulting in a more individualized and integrated program, and the strong, integrated leadership team she helped to build at the school.

Seeking Academics Director
(September 12, 2003) Aspen Education Group, 562-467-5500, Elliot Sainer, CEO, Cerritos, California, announced they are opening The Academy of the Sierras, a private co-ed residential school in Reedley. They are seeking an individual with a Master’s degree or Doctorate in Special Ed to assist learning-challenged students in all areas of the program, including enrollment, academics and training. They are requiring at least five years experience and are offering competitive salary and benefits. Fax or email resumes to: B. Casey, (Fax) 562-468-4407, and Indicate Reference Number AOS3JUL142 in the title. EOE

Skyline Journey & DISTANCE DRUMS welcome new staff
(Sept. 12, 2003) Lee Wardle, CEO of Skyline Journey, Nephi Utah, 435-623-0548, announced their emotional growth companion program, Distant Drums, 866-822-7715, for young adults ages 18 to 28, is continuing to be successful. They are also pleased to announce that Heather Roeder has agreed to be Admissions Director for both programs. She will work out her Williston, Vermont office and can be reached at 866-822-8336 or 802-878-2201. They also have contracted with Mountain View Counseling Center to provide for both programs therapy needs, and will be working with Gary Anderson, a State of Utah Certified Professional Counselor Intern (CPCI) and licensed Social Service Worker (SSW), with a Masters degree is in psychology. Anderson will be replacing Kevin Knutson, who has been their counselor since the program opened its doors three years ago.

Genelle Petrey: New Cherokee Creek Admissions Director
(September 12, 2003) Jackson Culotta, Headmaster, Cherokee Creek Boys School, Westminster, South Carolina, 864 647-1885, a residential school for boys ages 12-15, is pleased to announce Genelle Petrey, as their new Director of Admissions. She is the former Director of Admissions and Academics for Cascade School in Whitmore, California, and has over eleven years experience working with residential and emotional growth schools. While at Cascade, she held various positions, including directing the Nursing Department, overseeing marketing, advertising and public relations, and helping to develop school systems. She has also been the Director of Admissions for Mount Bachelor in Prineville, Oregon, and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University, in Seattle, Washington.

(Sept. 17, 2003) John McKinnon, MD, co-founder and Program Head of Montana Academy, Marion, Montana, 406-858-2339, published an article in the International Herald Tribune, titled “An administration that thinks and acts as a child.” [more...]

CEDU’s Idaho Executive Director, Tim Marshall, resigns
(September 17, 2003) Robert J. Naples, CEO, CEDU Family of Services and The Brown Schools, wishes to commend Idaho Executive Director Tim Marshall for his leadership role and bids him farewell since Marshall has chosen to resign, effective today. Naples acknowledged this was a difficult decision for Marshall, who “is extremely committed to the work we do on behalf of struggling children and their families”, yet needs to “reduce his commute from his home in Utah to Idaho.” Naples pledged to work closely with the leadership teams at the Idaho schools and programs to ensure a smooth transition while filling the role of Idaho regional director.

(September 18, 2003) John T. Powers, Executive Director, Academy at Swift River, Cummington, MA, 800-258-1770, reports he has conducted intensive self-evaluation over the past three months, and has recently made several important organizational changes. One change has been the elimination of the positions of Headmaster, held by Rudy Bentz, and Training Director, held by Jill Bentz. He expressed gratitude for the meaningful contribution that Rudy and Jill Bentz have made to ASR over these past five years and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. A new position, Dean of the Faculty, has been created to integrate the management focus for both the therapeutic and the academic professionals. It will be held by former ASR Dean of Academics, Peter Stevens, who has keen leadership and administrative abilities. Also significant in this reorganization are the enhanced staffing levels in the lower school segment of ASR, which will result in substantially greater counselor time with students. Powers encourages people to communicate with him about their ideas and concerns regarding this organizational effort.

St. Paul’s academy announces LIFE SKILLS SEMINARS
(September 18, 2003) Julie Vaughan, MEd, CPC, NCC, Director of Admission, 602-956-9090, announces “some exciting changes” at St. Paul’s Academy, Phoenix, Arizona. They have implemented Life Skills Seminars, to be held weekly for one hour for the duration of one quarter, which replaces their former counseling groups. The curriculum includes: Study Skills, Social Strengths & Peer Relations, ADD Awareness & Education, Stress Management & Coping Skills, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Team Building & Group Dynamics, Anger Management & Conflict Resolution, Real Relationships, Effective Communication, and Successful Job Hunting Skills. They will still require students to participate in the Substance Education program in addition to the Life Skills Seminars, if they have experimented with drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications. They will also continue to provide individual and family counseling on a weekly basis.

(Sept. 18, 2003) Brian Rossiter, Director, Phoenix Outdoor Education Center, Westmore, Vermont, 800-218-5122, announced the planned graduation of their fall session, with new enrollments being accepted for 2004. Rae Ann Knopf, Executive Director said, “The students, families, and faculty who completed Phoenix Outdoor Education Center this year had a tremendously powerful experience. It was a great first year. We ran up against some physical plant challenges this summer and have decided that rather than winterizing our temporary facilities, we will take a seasonal break this first year of operation, ending sessions in October after the graduation of our last group of participants, and resume again on May 1, 2004.” Located in northeastern Vermont, Phoenix is an early intervention for families with younger children aged 12 to 15 who are beginning to struggle with the challenges of adolescence. It is administratively connected to The King George School and is a member of The Brown Schools. For more information visit their website or contact their Admissions Director, Angie Holmes.

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