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News & Views - Jul, 2000 Issue #71

Press Release:

Issued By Rebecca Plona, Director of Admissions for
King George School
Sutton, VT. 05867

(June 26, 2000) SUTTON, VT – Over the last few days, a number of interpretations have been circulating about the resignation of staff from King George School. It is with pleasure that we report The Brown Schools did not accept the resignations of Linda Houghton, Rebecca Plona, Jane Hamilton, and Nathan Boston from King George School; all issues of concern have been completely resolved, and each has agreed to maintain their position at the school. 

The philosophy, vision and ideals with which King George School was established remain completely intact, and in fact, have been enhanced as a result of this week’s events and the ensuing discussions among the groups involved. 

Linda Houghton will continue in her current role at King George while also beginning to shift her focus to her dream: developing a training institute for emotional growth educators, which she hopes to accomplish through the development of the Institute for Emotional Growth. 

Linda will work with Paul Dudley Hart, President of the Education Services Group of The Brown Schools, on a transition plan that will include naming a successor to the role of CEO of North American Boarding Schools. We expect that transition to take place over the next three to four months. 

Students at the school have not been affected. All are safe and the community is as vibrant as ever. 

The participants in the discussions that have taken place over the last several days would like to thank those parents who have been intimately involved in this process. To quote from their internal communication, “All of us who have been a part of these discussions over these few days are proud that we have been able to practice the philosophy of emotional growth that our children are learning so well. It is possible to resolve difficult problems and conflicts through dialogue involving all interested parties. And we have learned that the results and the learning for all can exceed expectations when the dialogue is conducted with a common purpose as important as the well-being of our children.”

Clearly, this situation was approached with compassion and understanding towards everyone involved. The experience has been a valuable one from which all of us can learn. 

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