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Seen 'n Heard - Jan, 2000 Issue (page 2)

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(December 10, 1999) Rob Cooley, Ph.D., founder of Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions, Albany, Oregon, 541-926-7252, made available his research on risk assessment comparing the risks of wilderness therapy with other common adolescent activities. The summary concluded “Incident rates for four wilderness treatment programs compared to rates for other activities indicate that the fatality risk of wilderness treatment is about on a par with cross-country skiing; a little safer than canoeing, somewhat less risky than going on a summer adventure camp for adolescents; half as risky as overnight backpacking in general; considerably safer than downhill skiing; about 18 times less likely to result to injury than are high school football practices, and less than half as risky for fatal accident as motor vehicles for 15 to 19 year olds.” The full report can be found on Woodbury Reports web site.

(December 13, 1999) The Small Boarding Schools Association (SBSA) announced their annual conference will be hosted by The Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut, March 9-11, 2000. Registration packets will be mailed in January. 

(December 14, 1999) The review in the New Perspectives for Olympus View Hospital, reviewed in the December, 1999 issue of Woodbury Reports Places for Struggling Teens, issue # 64, was inadvertently printed. As several people have advised us lately, the hospital no longer treats juveniles. In our defense, their brochure must have been sitting in my intake pile for some time, and somehow got mixed in with the new mail. Our apologies, and we will institute a policy of double checking on resources when we don’t have personal, regular contact with their staff. The egg on our faces should be gone by the next edition. 

(December 14, 1999) The item in the December, 1999, issue #64, Seen n’Heard, in Woodbury Reports Places for Struggling Teens regarding changes at Spring Ridge Academy, 520-632-4602, was incorrect. Mary Biewen, their new Admissions Director, has been with the school over ten months. Also, Bill Hickey, their new Community Director, is not married (and he did not suddenly acquire a wife), and his work integrating a ropes course curriculum is at an off campus facility. Apologies for the inaccuracies. 

(Dec. 17, 1999) Janet (Chris) Fudge, 435-826-4847, who had been Admissions Director for Turn-Around Ranch in southern Utah for eight years, informed Woodbury Reports she and her husband are planning to develop the Sun Mountain Youth Ranch near Orofino, Idaho. Using a group home model, they anticipate opening their doors in about six-seven months and are currently working with Clearwater County’s Planning and Zoning Board and making construction plans. 

(Dec. 17, 1999) Burnell Sorenson, Founder and Admissions Director for Sorenson Ranch School, 435-638-7318, reports they are in the process of constructing a building which will house a new library, conference rooms, staff lounge, and administrative offices, allowing them more classrooms and therapy rooms. High Top Academy, their program for 11 and 12 year olds located two miles from the main campus, has been having an average of nine students. 

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