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New Perspectives - Apr, 1997 Issue #45

by: Saul Rudman, Consultant Services
CEDU Educational Services
Monterey, California

As we humans grow and develop, we often assess our present path and change direction whenever adjustments are called for. The birth and development of prep schools, emotional growth schools, universities, and businesses typically involves similar regular “tweaking” in order to achieve the desired direction and outcomes. As many educational consultants and educators often note, “The children’s behavior and attitudes will always tell you what they need.” We have heard and responded enthusiastically. Northwest Academy, one of the more recent schools introduced by the CEDU Family of Services, has recently changed its emphasis, and we’re excited about the new direction and student profile. 

Northwest Academy will be a coed high school for students ages 14 through 17. The typical student is of average to above average intelligence, age-appropriate maturity level, and an ability to respond, over time, to a structured setting. In a broad sense, the Northwest Academy student has a lot in common with students at CEDU High School, Rocky Mountain Academy, and Boulder Creek Academy. This school, however, has a unique capacity for working with the active, high-energy, thrill- seeker who thrives in a tactile/hands-on learning environment. The program is designed for a 30 month length of stay. 

We look forward to welcoming visiting educational consultants and other friends into the soon-to-be-constructed magnificent lodge and expanded facilities.

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