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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1990 Issue (page 2).

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Cascade School Moves into New Science Building 
Cascade School in Northern California has just moved into their new Science Building. One side is for the physical sciences and the other side is designed for the life sciences. They also are just completing two new dorms and are constructing a track field. [This article is outdated.  Cascade School closed January 20, 2004.]

Rocky Mountain Academy Finishes On-Campus Apartments
Rocky Mountain Academy in Idaho is finishing work on two on-campus apartments. They are for visiting professionals, and for the professionals involved with the new In-Service program which will bring individuals on campus to train faculty or work with children for a week or so at a stretch. Dana Wasserman tells me enrollments are strong and predictable.

CEDU School Has Been Accredited
CEDU School in Calif. has just been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Loveland Farms Reports Success
Loveland Farms in Montana has been trying out several new things with good success. July saw a wilderness expedition for children ages 11, 12, and 13. They have been customizing their wilderness expeditions, including young people up to the age of 28.

Richard Armstrong Establishes His Own Transport Service
Richard Armstrong, formerly with Pathfinders and before that with Rocky Mountain Academy, has established his own crisis care and transport service.

Hyde School Reports Graduation & Record Enrollment
Lauri Hurd of Hyde School in Maine reports 35 students graduating on June 3, and having 108 students for the summer session, a record number.

Cross Creek Manor Near Capacity
Karr Farnsworth at Cross Creek Manor in Utah reports in mid-July they have room for a few more girls, but have been running close to their capacity of 48 girls.

Annawakee Has Changed Its Name
As of June 1 of this year, Annawakee has changed its name to Inner Harbour Hospitals, Ltd., and has expanded its wilderness based hospital concept to two hospitals in Georgia and one in Florida.

Bryan Bates Has Lead on Educational Permits
Bryan Bates, of Flagstaff, Arizona, says he has a lead on educational permits still available for running the Colorado river. Contact me for more details.

RMA & CEDU Support Groups
There are now seven regional support groups around the country for parents of Rocky Mountain Academy and CEDU students.

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