Four Seasons of Education
Outdoor Adventure

For Boys Ages 16 & Up

~ In the long run, the success and accomplishment gained from a wilderness program is not measured by how well the student performs in the desert or the woods. Ultimate success is always based on the students' ability to sustain redirection in the months following the experience.

~ Students emerging from a life-changing wilderness experience often need a follow up placement that falls somewhere between returning home and enrolling in a large emotional growth program.

~ For over eight years, Rich and Wendy Simpson have provided a safe, economical, and challenging transition for students coming out of wilderness.

pathways program
At PATHWAYS, our goal is to help each student discover their potential, and create a life with purpose and value. We believe that a balanced and healthy lifestyle will help nurture the development of the students best qualities. While finishing high school, we help students to discover new interests and possibilities within themselves through new experiences.

PATHWAYS operates under the premise that smaller is better. Working with no more than six students at a time, Rich and Wendy Simpson are able to provide a safe and personalized living and learning environment. 


PATHWAYS offers a structured, but relaxed environment, for boys, ages 16 and older, giving students more one on one time to help them rebuild the healthy skills and attitudes necessary to succeed when they return to their families. 


PATHWAYS provides individualized long term as well as interim care for students who need to complete their high school education and create a new life with purpose and value.


PATHWAYS provides a sanctuary from the negative aspects of peer culture while providing our students with new and exciting activities to engage their hearts and minds. Through education, self discovery, recreation, community service, outdoor adventure, and the arts, we strive to guide our students into a balanced, rewarding, and healthy life.

Music At Pathways

At PATHWAYS, our music studio is the center for learning, self-expression, and fun. Original songs, musical poems, humorous skits, radio commercials, and academic recorded projects are always in the process of being created. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the many ways we work and play at music.

Concepts such as Integrated Curriculum, Experiential Learning, and Project Based Learning come alive in the music room at PATHWAYS. What students learn goes far beyond the scope of their immediate projects; negotiating with each other to edit and shape their work takes patience, diplomacy, listening and communication skills. In writing and recording their projects, students have to keep a listening audience in mind, organizing their material in a way that is concise, logical, and entertaining.

The Studio at PATHWAYS offers eight track digital recording with numerous editing capabilities, a twenty-four track keyboard/synthesizer, a full drum set, bass guitar, and acoustic and electric guitars. Rich Simpson is a gifted arranger and producer who has the ability to engage students in a wide array of musical projects.

About Us

Rich & Wendy Simpson have been working with at-risk teenagers in their home for more than eight years. They have been married for eighteen years and have two children of their own, ages 14 and 17. Both of them have worked as teachers for CEDU schools before starting PATHWAYS.

Wendy is a published writer and former English teacher. She reviews student transcripts and coordinates all of the academics, as well as community service projects for students at PATHWAYS.

Rich has worked with both students and parents in several therapeutic schools and programs. Rich leads all of PATHWAYS outdoor activities, and is a former ski instructor. He leads student group sessions and is the primary liason to parents. Rich works with students to write and produce original music CD productions in his recording studio.

"Simple words are not enough to express our gratitude
for all you have given us and our son. We are forever
in your debt for the wonderful work you have done with
our son. Thanks for giving yourselves so completely."

~ parents from North Carolina

"Thank you so much for helping me through everything.
I'll never forget you two."

~ a former student


Rich & Wendy Simpson
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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