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Posted April 10, 2003

Redcliff Ascent Acquires Discovery Academy
Contact: Dr. Goddard 801-368-9175
Or: Steve Nadauld
800-898-1244 or 801-368-1338

April 9, 2003

The owners of Redcliff Ascent are pleased to announce that, in partnership with Steve Nadauld and Brent Hall, they have acquired Discovery Academy in Provo Utah. Steve Nadauld will continue his role at RedCliff but will also participate in business development with Discovery Academy. Brent Hall is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has been with Discovery Academy for the last three years. Brent will assume the position of Executive Director at Discovery Academy. This purchase coincides with the retirement of Dr. Eugene and Carol Thorne from their many years of service as owners and directors of Discovery Academy.

The new administration is committed to provide the finest education and therapeutic support possible. They are very excited to announce Dr. Paul Goddard as the new Clinical Director of the Academy. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Goddard brings a wealth of experience in both Residential and Wilderness treatment, with an extensive background in dealing with issues of substance abuse, trauma, depression, eating disorders, oppositional behavior, adoption/attachment, communication and other family issues. He has most recently served as the Clinical Director at the Vista Adolescent Treatment Center. Dr. Goddard expresses sadness over leaving the exceptional program at Vista, but also excitement for the opportunity to advance innovative and “best practice” strategies within Discovery Academy. Dr. Goddard has identified that Discovery will focus on providing excellence in education, therapy, and residential care to an “intermediate” population. The typical student would be an adolescent who has succeeded in a residential treatment center, and is ready to transition to a less restrictive environment, or a teen who has completed a wilderness program, and although not yet ready to return home, does not need the intensity provided by an RTC program.

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