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R. Mark Ward
Executive Director
f: 801-377-2216

Unique, multi-dimensional partnership prepares teens for life while assisting them in overcoming academic, emotional, addiction, and behavioral problems.

Clearwater, Florida (NATSAP 2006) - 2 February 2006 - Willow Creek School and Second Nature Wilderness Program today announced a partnership to provide greater flexibility of care, clinical program continuity, and recognition of achievement for adolescents who enter Willow Creek School's residential treatment/clinical boarding school environment.

"Willow Creek School's respect for the wilderness experience and desire to provide greater flexibility to students prompted Willow Creek to approach Second Nature to improve the quality of its program," said Cheryl Kehl, partner in Second Nature Therapeutic Programs.

Staffed with seasoned professionals with residential treatment, clinical, university and special education experience, Willow Creek School's unique, non-confrontational, nurturing program is positioned to address a long standing needs in residential care; truly individualized flexible treatment planning, effective life skills, career training, academic planning and community activities.

Through the partnership, Willow Creek School is also expanding its chemical dependency and substance abuse program into a holistic addition and recovery program with on and off site interventions and weekly seminars. In addition, to strengthen the breadth and depth of Willow Creek School's program, two seasoned and respected clinical professionals from Second Nature will also be joining Willow Creek School's clinical team, Sam Dahlin and David Hillstead.

"We want to insure that our students not only receive the best residential and career and academic planning program, but also receive more expanded and flexible clinical options to accelerate the healing process. By building upon what the student has achieved while in the wilderness, our relationship with Second Nature achieves this and provides a growth path of exciting opportunities for students coming to Willow Creek School," said R. Mark Ward, partner in the Willow Creek School.

Willow Creek School's focus is first upon flexibility and assisting students in their adjustment from wilderness to a clinical boarding school setting. It maximizes support from families and recognizes more fully recent therapeutic progress in students. As Willow Creek School provides greater support during transition it creates an atmosphere of practical education and community experience where students feel personally accomplished upon their exit. This sense of accomplishment is bolstered by the school's flexibility and increasing opportunities for autonomy throughout the program generating a student's sense of personal momentum which becomes the primary catalyst for change while at Willow Creek School.

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