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Omaha, NE

Dr. Sandra Bloom - Sanctuary Model®
Comes To Uta Halee Girls Village And Cooper Village

Theresa Cassaday, Marketing Director

March 13, 2006

Uta Halee Girls Village and Cooper Village continue their tradition of excellence in residential treatment with the further implementation of a trauma-free healing environment using the recently acquired Sanctuary Model®.

Dr. Sandra L. Bloom, Psychiatrist, Author, President & CEO of Community Works and Founder of The Sanctuary Model®, will be in Omaha on April 11 and 12, 2006, to discuss the impact of exposure to childhood adversity, and the influence of chronic stress on organizations serving individuals exposed to profound trauma. She will describe the model of care she developed that aims to promote recovery, healing and growth…The Sanctuary Model ®. The programs of Uta Halee and Cooper Village are pleased to sponsor Dr. Bloom's visit to Omaha where she will present to staff and more than 200 other providers and health care professionals from throughout the region.

Uta Halee Girls Village and Cooper Village (for boys) are gender-specific psychiatric residential treatment programs located on separate campuses in the northern hills of Omaha. For 56 years, they have provided secure and therapeutic care for students, ages 12-18, in naturally beautiful settings in the Heartland. They assist struggling youth and families from all areas of the country and accept qualified private insurance and private pay clients.

At the foundation of Uta Halee and Cooper Village's treatment philosophy is their belief in the uniqueness and inherent goodness of every youth and in the essential role the family plays in recovery. Treatment planning is based upon the specific, individual needs of the youth and their family, with the focus being on treating the 'whole' child. They provide the clinical, academic, environmental and spiritual support that struggling adolescents need to make positive and life-long change. Uta Halee and Cooper Village will now have one more powerful tool with which to accomplish these goals, The Sanctuary Model®.

For additional information about Uta Halee and Cooper Village, or Dr. Bloom's Symposia in Omaha, please visit our new website listed above. For additional information about The Sanctuary Model®, logon at www.sanctuaryweb.com.

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