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Press Release

Clearwater, Florida


Timpanogos Family Services Joins ISPA

Andy Anderson, MRA
Andy Anderson Consulting
Fax 727-445-9425

July 28, 2006

Andy Anderson, MRA, Independent Small Programs Alliance and owner of Andy Anderson Consulting, announced that Timpanogos Family Services (TFS), East Orem, UT, has become the tenth and newest member of the Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA). "I worked with this small home-based RTC for a few days prior to their joining and was very impressed."

According to the original press release announcing the start of the ISPA, the alliance began in March 2005 and ISPA members are in partnership with Andy Anderson Consulting (AAC), which developed and manages the ISPA.

Anderson said Timpanogos Family Services is dedicated to providing the best possible residential treatment services to young women. Through a safe and caring family-style living environment, positive role models and professional counseling (all based on a firm foundation of faith and traditional family values), young women are empowered with the tools necessary to succeed at home, in school, and throughout life.

TFS describes the program as one that provides residential treatment for adolescent females, ages 12-18, possessing emotional, psychological or behavioral issues that have resulted in poor academic performance and/or strained relationships in the home. "We specialize in early intervention, and transition from a more acute or institutional setting. Specific issues successfully treated at TFS include depression, lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness, low sense of self-worth, entitlement, manipulation, and relationship difficulties, as well as mood disorders, oppositional defiance, attention deficit, post-traumatic stress and attachment disorders. It is our mission to provide families in crisis with the resources necessary to overcome the barriers that stand between them and happiness and harmony in the home. We are committed to bringing families together."

"TFS offers the truest family-style living environment available. We do not have an institution or rotating staff. Live-in home parents who welcome the girls into their family run each of our homes. We model a healthy and productive home environment, and teach the girls what their role and responsibilities are in contributing to it."

Timpanogos Family Services, LLC
Patrick Beachley, Program Director/Admissions
801-426-5737 .

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