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Three Springs
Huntsville, AL

We apologize for any inconvenience... This program was postponed.
We'll provide updates as we get them. Please stay tuned.


Jane Samuel, MA, IEC Liaison

March 31, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On Monday night, April 3, 2006 at 7 p.m. central time, CNNís Paula Zahn is airing a special report on the increase of bullying and aggressive behaviors amongst girls. Since CNN has worked successfully with us in the past, they contacted Three Springs to ask if we had a girl for them to interview.

Our Administrator at Paint Rock, Karen Tisdell, did in fact have one such girl. Yesterday, she obtained permission from both the girl and her family to allow her to participate in the interview. Once the reporter began interviewing her, he was so enthralled by the girlís story and newfound attitude, that CNN changed the focus of the report to present a more personal view of her and her healing process at Three Springs.

Please keep in mind that we accepted this young woman into our program with some trepidation because she was very much on the outer edge of our normal student. However, as you will see in the report, she has truly responded well to the program and has changed her views on life.

Sharon Laney

Jane Samuel Richard Williams
Chief Operating Officer IEC Liaison Dir. of Business Dev.
Three Springs, Inc. Three Springs, Inc. Three Springs, Inc.
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