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Spring Valley, AZ

Spring Ridge Academy To Host Noted Author Dr. Lisa Machoian

Jeannie Courtney
928-632-4602 Ext. 100

March 8, 2006

"What I know about teenage girls comes from listening to them," writes Dr. Lisa Machoian in the first sentence of her groundbreaking new book The Disappearing Girl. Machoian has been listening to them for more than twenty years as a psychotherapist, teacher, facilitator, researcher and lecturer at Harvard.

Billed as the first book on the growing "epidemic" of depression among teenage girls, Dr. Machoian writes a no-nonsense account of the travails of struggling adolescent girls. It's not a pretty picture- but there's hope. Media, peers and even parents send teen girls dangerously conflicting ideas on what it means to look and act just right. Who is more susceptible for the longing to be good and cool, attractive and desired than teenage girls?

Mixing a fresh perspective with invaluable research, Dr. Machoian tackles a complex and scholarly topic with the style and readability of a novelist. Not just content to simply identify the problem, she offers expert advice on how to DO SOMETHING to change the downward spiral. She tells parents how they can start meaningful conversations with their daughters to help them see through commercial and peer pressure, develop their identities and make good decisions. She helps daughters find their healthy self-expression, de-stress and build character.

Dr. Machoian holds a master's degree and doctorate from Harvard, where she has taught in their Department of Human Development and Psychology acting as the director of the Gender Studies Concentration. She will appear from 7-9 p.m., March 30, 2006 at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Phoenix Biltmore, 2630 East Camelback Road.
Spring Ridge Academy is sponsoring this free lecture.

Lisa Machoian, Ed.D, is available for comment or interviews at 617-285-8198 (cell) or 617-876-0271 (home). Further information is available at both www.LisaMachoian.com and www.thedisappearinggirl.com.

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