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Los Angeles, CA

Seven Sober College Academy Students Skydive
into Addiction Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Kim Farber
Director of Communications

The stage for the event was Perris Valley Skydiving, the largest Skydiving Center in North America, located in Perris, CA. For this introduction, students recovering from alcohol and drug abuse took turns in the Perris Wind Tunnel, a state- of-the-art facility that allows the full effect experience of actually jumping out of a plane.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) April 4, 2006 –- Seven Sober College Academy Students, recovering from alcohol and drug abuse, were led by Director of Operations, Brian Brekke, LAC, who is a licensed addiction recovery counselor and a standing member of the United States Parachutist Association. Brian has 438 skydives to his credit.

“Eventually we will have them jumping out of an airplane, but for this inaugural experience, safety has to be our primary concern,” reports Brekke. “Two minutes in a wind tunnel is enough at this time to give them a taste of another kind of high and let them learn about overcoming their fears.”

According to Steven Sager, MD, Sober College Academy Psychiatrist, overcoming fear is a critical factor for a person in early addiction recovery. “Once these young adults start to experience sobriety, they will have to begin to work on the underlying issues that are part of their lives. They have relationships with their families, peers and themselves that require healing. Fear is a natural reaction to the process.”

For Kevin, it was a definite first. A 19-year-old Sober College Academy student, Kevin has been sober for only 60 days. “I spent my first 30 days in inpatient treatment before coming to Sober College Academy. I’ve never done anything like this … and at first, there was no way I was going to. Once Brian explained to us the relationship between overcoming fear and success in my own sobriety, I agreed to at least give it a try. Nothing else in my life has worked for me. What did I have to lose?”

“Young adults in the early stages of sobriety can be moved to a quicker internalization of acceptance about their own recovery and ability to ineffectively manage feelings,” explains Brekke, who is also a standing member of the Association for Experiential Education. “Using an experience like the wind tunnel is an effective teaching tool that enables them to more clearly understand the relationship of powerlessness to their addictions.”

“This is probably the most fun I have ever had in my life. I never thought I could be sober and still have a good time,” stated Kevin. For Sober College Academy students it is not all fun. Sober College Academy provides an innovative education-based curriculum that treats young adults struggling to recover or in addiction recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. The drug treatment center’s rigorous schedule includes daily 12-step meetings, physical fitness training, individual and group therapy and high school and/or college-level academics.

About Sober College:
Sober College Academy, headquartered in Southern California, is a small private institution providing sober residential and addiction recovery environments for young adults. While education focused, Sober College Academy also provides a range of drug treatment and intervention options for those that are struggling to overcome the impact of alcohol and drug abuse. The Sober College Academy curriculum builds core competencies in life skills, employment, academics, emotional well-being and fitness.

More information is available on our website or by contacting:

Kim Farber
Director of Communications

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