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Los Angeles, CA

Sober College Heralded As The Young Adult Drug Rehab Of Choice
By Southern California CEO's And Generation X & Y Market Leaders

Nancy Tamkin, Public Relations Director

February 15, 2006

Sober College's drug rehab and educational approach received endorsements from Generation X & Y Leaders and CEO's of Southern California businesses as the first ever College entirely committed to serving the needs of young adults in search of a sober college environment. Extreme Sports events and tours will promote the innovative new drug rehab and education center to the Generation X & Y crowds. CEO's committed to considering Sober College graduates for work.

"159,000 of today's first-year college students will drop out of school next year for alcohol or other drug- related reasons", according to the Core Institute, a leading research assessment and development organization serving alcohol and drug treatment programs across the nation. "The average student spends about $900 on alcohol each year, opposed to $450 on his or her books."

Coming on board to endorse Sober College's unique drug treatment approach are Mark Billik, CEO and Founder of BeCore Promotions, Rick Stark, President of Stark Events & Associates, David Weaver, CEO of DAW Design and Construction, and Robert Tamkin, President and Founder of RIO Company.

"We believe Sober College is such a captivating blend of drug rehab and education based treatment for young adults. We look forward to considering graduates of Sober College for job opportunities within our various organizations", stated the group. "Their mission is important to our audience and the main reason we have agreed to promote their work at our events."

About the CEO's:
Mark Billik, CEO and Founder, BeCore Promotions, Inc. Mark is considered one of the most "recognized" names in the Extreme Sports world, and is widely sought to promote products to Generation Y. Mark is an expert in skate park design; many of his parks can be seen in California and Texas.

Rick Stark, President, Stark Events & Associates, www.thecoretour.com, and www.ignlive.com. The objective of Stark Events & Associates is to consistently deliver the elusive Generation X and Y U.S. demographic to major consumer brands and sports equipment manufacturers through large-scale outdoor event production and consulting. The company was founded in 2001 on the premise of bringing action sports events to the best on-site venues in the United States. SEA created the coveted NISS (National and International Skate Series) before the X-Games was ever launched.

David Weaver, CEO, DAW Design and Construction DAW Design and Construction is a small, high-end design firm headed by David Anthony Weaver. They specialize in interior/exterior residential design and construction, providing complete architectural as well as construction services.

Bob Tamkin, President and Co-Founder, RIO Company. Bob Tamkin is Co-Founder and President of RIO Company. Mr. Tamkin is a real estate investment professional and brings strategic planning, financial experience and vision to the management team. He employs a network of real estate contacts to locate underperforming assets focusing on event-driven opportunities in regional markets.

About Sober College:
Sober College, headquartered in Southern California, is a small private institution providing sober residential and treatment environments for young adults. While education focused, they also provide a range of drug treatment and intervention options for those that are struggling to overcome the impact of drugs and alcohol. The Sober College curriculum builds core competencies in life skills, employment, academics, emotional well-being and fitness.

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