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San Cristobal Ranch Academy
Taos, NM

Dave Johnson, M. Ed. has joined San Cristobal Ranch Academy

Christy Leach
Admissions Director

We are pleased to announce that Dave Johnson, M. Ed. has joined San Cristobal Ranch Academy as CEO and Owner.

Dave brings over ten years teaching and administration experience along with over four years Fortune 100 business experience to the San Cristobal Ranch Academy. Most recently, Dave served as Chief Operating Officer of Gatehouse Academy in Wickenburg, Arizona where he gained his most valuable experience in the residential transitional living and substance abuse treatment arena. Dave also served as Admissions Director at St. Paulís Academy in Phoenix. In recovery himself for the past ten years, Dave brings real world experience to the residents of San Cristobal Ranch Academy. Dave holds a Bachelors Degree in History and Education from Elmhurst College and a Masters Degree in Education Leadership & Administration at Northern Arizona University.

San Cristobal is a transitional learning center for young men ages 17 to 26 providing the structure, support and opportunity for young men to develop the life skills necessary to sustain a healthy and productive adulthood.

All Admissions inquiries and questions should be directed to Christy Leach, Director of Admissions. She can be reached at 866-918-8383. Or email.

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