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Provo Canyon School
Provo, Utah

Kreg Gillman
Executive Director

Provo Canyon School Extreme Home Makeover

Provo Canyon School Boys’ campus was recently involved in an extensive service project in which a local family’s home and yard was completely renovated. The following is a letter from the Home Makeover committee. Provo Canyon truly was the shining star of this amazing project.

Dear Provo Canyon School:

On behalf of Utah’s Own Extreme Makeover Team, we wanted to let you know just how incredible your boys are at Provo Canyon School. A remarkable family in Pleasant Grove, Utah, consists of 20 children, sixteen of which were adopted from six different countries. Most of the biological and adopted children have disabilities, some physical, some emotional; two of the children are in wheelchairs. Before Makeover

On May 14, this family experienced a tragic house fire. The home was quite large (8000 square feet), and was situated on a one acre unfinished and weed-filled lot. In addition to the repairs required to address extensive fire damage, the home was in need of significant renovation.

In mid-July, a committee was formed with the dream of rebuilding this family’s home and providing a yard. Local businesses, contractors, and volunteers were contacted and asked to assist and donate their time, supplies, and expertise. The goal was to rebuild the home in only 10 days!

In late July our team coordinator presented an assembly at the boys’ campus. Her goal was to share this family’s story and enlist the help of Provo Canyon students. The response was extremely positive, with an excited reaction from the crowd; nearly all of the boys wanted to be involved.

Every day we had a rigorous timeline for construction. We started August 1 with the intention of completing the work and presenting the home to the family on August 10. It was a very stressful project with an almost unrealistic timeline. Each day was filled with anxiety; we could only hope that volunteers would respond. Provo Canyon School, literally, saved our scheduled punch list every day. The boys came day after day, seemingly at just the right moment and worked tirelessly to allow us to stay on schedule.

It was very hot and the work was difficult; the boys cleared garbage, dug trenches, ripped out carpet, painted walls, hauled dry wall, moved lumber, laid sod, and set concrete pillars for fencing. They worked hours and hours in the hot sun without complaint.

In all, over 100 Provo Canyon students and staff logged more than 1100 man hours of hard labor. Numerous contractors on the job site asked “who are the great workers in the green shirts? We want to hire them!” People from all over the community were simply amazed at the students’ willingness to help and at their unselfish attitudes.

Many of the students involved were able to attend the family’s “homecoming”. As the Provo Canyon boys came on to the property, a crowd of nearly 500 people stood and cheered, recognizing the students’ amazing and irreplaceable contribution in making this dream become a reality.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of these boys who unselfishly gave of himself to help a family in need. This was a life-changing experience for everyone involved, and our lives were particularly touched by the boys of Provo Canyon School. Thank you Provo Canyon for making this project a huge success. We couldn’t have done it without you!!


Utah’s Own Home Makeover Team

After Makeover

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