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Phoenix Outdoor LLC
Roswell, GA

Bruce Ahern
Chief Operating Officer

October 12, 2005

Former SUWS of the Carolinas Program Manager Joins Phoenix's Adolescent Wilderness Therapy Program for Teens in Crisis

Phoenix Outdoor announced that Jack Kline will join the company as Clinical Director effective October 17. Kline will be responsible for directing the operation of the clinical department, as well as continuing to develop Phoenix Outdoor’s clinical programming. Phoenix’s wilderness treatment program provides comprehensive crisis intervention and assessment for families with teenagers ages 13-17.

“Jack Kline complements the already extensive experience of Phoenix Outdoor’s clinical staff,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO and founder of Phoenix Outdoor. “He brings a strong background in treating substance abuse, attachment issues, depression and bipolar disorders, gender identity issues, oppositional behaviors, and family issues.” Throughout his career in adolescent and family therapy, Kline has worked in a variety of clinical settings. For the last 5 years, he was with SUWS of the Carolinas, most recently serving as the Program Manager for the adolescent wilderness therapy program.

“Wilderness creates a lasting change in adolescents,” said Kline. “By removing them from their comfort zone and isolating them from the societal distractions that face kids today, it becomes easier for teens to confront issues head on. It gives them an opportunity to evaluate whether or not things are working well for them. By coupling wilderness with modern clinical treatment, an amazing amount of positive changes can occur in a very short period of time.”

“One of the elements that attracted me to Phoenix Outdoor was their commitment to working with the entire family system to ensure that the change started in wilderness will continue long after the students leave Phoenix,” Kline added. “Fundamentally I believe kids want to be valued and productive members of society and to get along well with their parents. I also believe that parents want to have a strong, positive, and loving relationship with their children.”

Jack Kline holds a Master of Science degree in mental health counseling. He is a licensed professional counselor in North Carolina and a nationally board-certified counselor. Kline is also license-eligible as a marriage and family therapist. In addition, he has received specialized training in addiction/recovery, reactive attachment disorder, sexual abuse, and adventure-based counseling.

A long-time resident of Florida, Kline has 22 years of experience working with adolescents and families dealing with addiction and recovery. His clinical experience extends to foster homes, group homes, therapeutic foster homes as well as working with clients in private practice. He was attached to the Miami Florida’s Police Department Gang Unit and worked in a medium security detention facility for incarcerated youth under the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

About Phoenix Outdoor:
Phoenix Outdoor LLC is a licensed therapeutic adolescent wilderness program that provides comprehensive crisis intervention and assessment for families with teenagers ages 13-17. Phoenix is headquartered in Atlanta with its base camp and wilderness operation in the mountains of western North Carolina. Phoenix Outdoor is engineered to be a safe means to help teenagers stop harmful behavior and motivate positive choices in their lives. Phoenix combines proven and innovative treatment strategies with a coordinated family support program.

Phoenix Outdoor has assembled the most experienced and professional staff in the industry that are dedicated to bringing about positive change for students and their families. Doctorate and masters-level therapists oversee the needs of students who participate in weekly individual and group therapy, focused around a core values curriculum.

Phoenix is an adventure-based program designed to offer adolescents healthy physical exercise and challenge, and supportive peer groups to optimize opportunities for success.

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