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Press Release

New Haven
Provo, UT


New Haven Announces The Acquisition Of Sunrise Academy


Dustin Tibbitts, LMFTI Executive Director

July 5, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Sunrise Academy in Hurricane, Utah by Solacium, New Haven's holding company, on June 30, 2006. Sunrise is a five-year-old residential treatment center for adolescent girls located just north of St. George3 in southern Utah.

I am especially excited about this transaction because we will position Sunrise as a treatment option for families who aren't able to afford New Haven. Sunrise will adopt New Haven's nurturing philosophy of treatment, similar admissions criteria, and its family-oriented approach to therapy. Sunrise will focus on helping girls that struggle with depression, ADHD, eating disorders, family-related issues, ODD, poor school performance, substance abuse and addiction, attachment and adoption issues, sexual and emotional trauma, and learning disabilities. Sunrise will not accept conduct disorders, violent students, pregnant students, nor families who are not committed to participating in treatment with their daughters. Sunrise will differentiate itself from New Haven in the following four ways: 1) it will have a strong community service oriented program; 2) it will not treat students and families with deeply-ingrained personality issues; 3) it will have lower staff-to-student ratios and higher therapist caseloads; and 4) it will utilize the splendor of the southern Utah national parks in its program activities.

David Prior, LMFT will be the new Executive Director of Sunrise. Dave has been with New Haven for four years, and has been the Assistant Clinical Director at our south campus for the last two years. Before coming to New Haven Dave worked with another treatment center for two years, and at a county mental health agency for one year. Dave's commitment to our students and their families, his compassion and genuineness, and his proven leadership and clinical experience will ensure Sunrise's success.

Mike Crowley will also be joining Sunrise as the Director of Admissions. Mike has been a part of New Haven for the past five years; for the last two years he has been a Lead Supervisor in the Residential Department. Mike's friendliness, outgoing personality, and his excitement for helping parents of struggling students will be a positive addition to Sunrise's administrative team.

Joel Beckstrand will remain as the Education Director. Joel was one of Sunrise's founding directors and is an excellent advocate for each girl's individual educational needs. Lidia Guerrero will continue as the Director of Residential Services and has been at Sunrise for 3 years. Lidia is responsible for Sunrise's staff, and works closely with our students and their parents to help with the process of change that takes place outside of the therapy office. Helen Johnson, LPC will also remain as the Clinical Director. Helen has been at Sunrise since October of 2005, and has worked in a variety of clinical settings throughout her career.

I appreciate the friendship and professional support you have offered New Haven over the past eleven years, and I know that Dave Prior and Sunrise look forward to working with you in the future.


Dustin Tibbitts, LMFTI Executive Director
801-380-4367 cell

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