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Provo, UT

New Haven Renews Accreditation

Jennifer Jeppson-Wilson, Admissions

New Haven announced the school recently completed the State of Utah and the Northwest Association of Schools accreditation process. It took New Haven about a year to gather all of the required information for accreditation through the State of Utah. The process required that each department in the school figure out what their goals were for student outcomes, which were then discussed with the entire teaching staff. A rubric was then created to measure these desired student outcomes.

New Haven held focus groups that included people from all parts of the company as well as students and parents to garner input on the desired outcomes for student learning and how the school functioned in general. This process required the school to collect and collate data about the students, their progress and the success of the school. From this process, New Haven developed its school profile and statistics.

Some of the most relevant data included the SAT Score Summary, the GPA improvement scales, what happens post high school, and the colleges and university's New Haven students attend after the program. On the SAT graph, you can see how New Haven students performed well above the average in both verbal and math in comparison to the National Average for 2005.

The GPA improvement scales show that students attending New Haven perform better in school. The graphs show that some students with already high GPAs, did not change much, however, others showed significant GPA improvements by the time they left New Haven.


The Post High School statistics were also exciting. Generally, parents' want their child to obtain some kind of post high school education and become concerned over how to ensure this happens. Families in crisis have a hard time visualizing their teens moving forward in their education after high school, but the statistics show that after completing our program, our students are able and willing to go on to universities and colleges. It is impressive and rewarding to see the list of colleges the girls actually attend.

This accreditation process helped our school to not only build on our strengths, but also address our weaknesses. The school has set specific goals for continued improvement. For example, New Haven is working to increase its variety of reading, study and research materials in the library to offer the students. The accreditation process forced each teacher to define just what they would like students to walk away with from each classroom, as well as create and implement new ways to measure their learning outcomes. The process helped our teachers see the importance of assessment and gathering data to not only show their effectiveness in teaching, but the student's effectiveness and progress in learning.

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