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Provo, UT


Jennifer Jeppson-Wilson, Marketing & Admissions

February 27, 2006

Dustin Tibbitts, Executive Director of New Haven for Girls in Provo, UT, announced the sale of the program. As you probably know, New Haven lost one of its key founders, Mark McGregor, last year to cancer. Mark was the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, since the inception of New Haven, Inc. He loved his work and wanted to see its mission go forward to help more young women and their families. As a result of Mark's departure and the changes that ensued with his absence, we are announcing a change in the ownership structure of New Haven.

Val Christensen, who has also been functioning as Board Member and consultant for New Haven for some time now, is purchasing a portion of New Haven with some of his partners, but Kathy McGregor, Mark's wife and also a founder of New Haven, will retain a portion of her ownership in the company. This transaction will allow her to continue her passion and work with the legacy that she and Mark started many years ago, while also allowing her the flexibility she needs to spend more time raising her and Mark's children. She will no longer be the CEO and President of the company, but will continue to serve on the Board of Directors as she has done since the formation of the company.

Having been involved with the healthcare industry for decades, Val will bring his expertise to the role of CEO in conjunction with the transaction. I will remain the Executive Director of New Haven, responsible for its operations as I have been for the last five years.

In addition, the transaction will enable key senior members of our Administrative Team to have an ownership interest. This group will include Clinical Director, John Stewart, Education Director, Laurie Laird, Human Resources Director, Kacy Kilpatrick, and me. Of course, most of you already know us well; but we consider this a gracious opportunity to be a more permanent part of what we are all working so hard for and love so much.

New Haven is reenergized with these changes and we feel that we have achieved an ideal partnership that combines our extensive clinical expertise with additional financial and professional resources. For example, we will soon break ground on the foundation of a new house for our Spanish Fork campus that will open in the fall of 2006. This new facility will allow us to provide our services to an additional 16 students and their families.

Even though this restructuring will not change the way New Haven operates, we wanted to make you aware of it out of respect for the relationship we have with many of you. We realize that the success we have enjoyed this past decade is largely due to your support. After reading this letter, you may have questions that pertain to your specific concerns. We invite you to contact us to visit further.

Founded in 1995, New Haven's mission is to provide the most clinically sophisticated therapeutic haven and school for girls possible, centered around awakening values and facilitating change in young women and their families. It is a great opportunity to be part of a company that is committed to this mission in every aspect of its business.

Thank you for your contribution in helping to make New Haven successful. We look forward to our continued relationship in the future.


Dustin Tibbitts, MFTI
Executive Director, Partner
Kathy McGregor, MPA
Board Member, Founding Partner

Laurie Laird, M.Ed.
Education Director, Partner

John Stewart, LCSW
Clinical Director, Partner

Kacy Kilpatrick, HRIS
Human Resources Director, Partner


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