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Press Release

Monarch School  
Heron, MT

Monarch School Has No Relation To Monarch Center

Lori Armbruster
Ranel Hanson
406 847-5095

September 13, 2006

The Monarch School, located in Heron, Montana wishes to notify Educational Consultants and wilderness program professionals that the Monarch School is not, in any way, affiliated with the “Monarch Center for Family Healing” or any other program, school, or organization. As always, we remain a small, independent school. We do not own, operate or share an affiliation with any other school or wilderness program. Further, we do NOT endorse any of the beliefs put forth in a recent letter drafted to Educational Consultants and wilderness programs by the “Monarch Center for Family Healing”. As always, we remain committed to providing families with the best service and information possible.  

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