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Milestones For Young Adults
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Pamela Broker, Director & C.E.O

It is an exciting time for Milestones for Young Adults! We spent the summer delivering workshops and conducting graduations for many of the young people that were in the process of finishing their individual programs when The Brown Schools, who owned Milestones Transitional Program, a program that I was the director of, filed chapter seven bankruptcy.

This past spring was a time of sadness and excitement for the staff of Milestones for Young Adults. We were sad that a journey which started in August of 1998 with the purchase of CEDU by The Brown Schools ended so atrociously. Many of our staff were with CEDU prior to the purchase in 1998 and journeyed through the years under the ownership of The Brown Schools. The experience of March of 2005 was not within the realm of our imagination. Our hearts grieved!

April 1, 2005 was the dawning of a new day with Milestones for Young Adults. Milestones for Young Adults is financially backed by an individual who knows the work we do and strongly felt it needed to continue. I am the primary owner and three of our key staff are vested owners. Please allow me to set the record straight. One of the statements that has been printed in the press several times is that we are in litigation regarding the bankruptcy of The Brown Schools. Milestones for Young Adults has not been nor is currently in litigation.

It is exciting to be involved with a program where the people who are doing the work on the front line are also the owners and final decision makers regarding the program. The staff of Milestones for Young Adults has a combined total of 40 years of service to this industry. One of the most refreshing changes since the first of April is to work with students and families and not have the almighty dollar be the primary reason for the end result. One of the changes we made to the program is census. This program team took a young adult program that had one student in August of 2002 to a census of 29 in the summer of 2004. The team knew that we did our finest and most effective work at a census of 15 to 20. I now have the autonomy and authority to set our own census and not be driven solely by the bottom line, and have set the census at 15, with a cap of 20.

Milestones for Young Adults is an individually driven program and our staff are expert in directing and guiding students’ programs through relationship. One of the keys to successful growth and positive change in a young adult’s life happens when they allow their mentors and life coaches’ access and influence in their lives.

I want to thank so many of those in the Independent Educational community and other programs and treatment facilities for their support and encouragement. If you would like an information packet, please contact me. You can also reach me on my cell phone which is 208 699-2485. The entire staff of Milestones for Young Adults look forward to continue assisting students and families in learning to live life independently, successfully and abundantly.

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