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Press Release

Chicago, Illinois

Learning Enhancement Corp Partners With Encyclopedia Britannica

Abby Berg-Hammond
312-751-0147 ext. 221

July 26, 2006

CHICAGO - Learning Enhancement Corporation (LEC), creators of BrainWare® Safari, new brain training software for children ages 6-12, and Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. have partnered to promote student learning by combining high-quality reference information with new software that builds children's cognitive skills.

As part of the offer featured on current LEC infomercials (showing on various cable and satellite channels) all purchasers of BrainWare Safari will receive the Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite DVD. A certain number of purchasers will also be given a $400 discount on the printed encyclopedia.

"Offering the Encyclopedia Britannica on DVD builds on the tremendous value our customers get with BrainWare Safari," comments LEC CEO, Roger Stark. "Using BrainWare Safari helps kids strengthen their cognitive abilities such as auditory, visual and memory skills to help them process new information faster and more effectively. This will help them to absorb more of the information that they need to succeed in school and become lifelong learners," Stark adds.

Encyclopedia Britannica has been a leading publisher of reference materials for 238 years and is a staple in homes, classrooms and libraries around the world. As a longtime provider of innovative learning tools in print and electronic form, Britannica regularly partners with educational and business leaders, such as Kellogg's and Newsweek. For more information, visit www.britannica.com.

"The knowledge and information Britannica provides goes hand in hand with the cognitive abilities students need to use it, synthesize it and learn from it," said Patricia Ginnis, senior vice president with Encyclopedia Britannica. "This makes Britannica and BrainWare a natural combination."

This partnership will offer more exposure for the importance of cognitive learning. "We have only brushed the surface of understanding how to improve and strengthen our brains," says Stark.

Learning Enhancement Corporation is a software development company that creates and distributes interactive multimedia tools designed to measurably improve an individual's learning skills. BrainWare Safari is LEC's first product. BrainWare Safari is available at www.BrainWareforYou.com or by calling 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610)

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