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King George School
Sutton, VT

Jay Ramsey,
Director of Communication and Outreach
(802) 467-1200 x 111
(802) 467-1041 fax

August 12, 2005

King George School Lives On

Sutton, VT, - The King George School will not be going away any time soon. The school that refused to shut down on March 25 is still going strong and intends to keep going long into the future.

Days before the Chapter 7 bankruptcy auction, the King George School (KGS) campus was visited by Debra Osteen, President of the Behavior Health Services division of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS). While on campus, Ms. Osteen met with Dr. Karen Fitzhugh, Head of School, and was given a tour of the campus. During her time on campus, Ms. Osteen and Dr. Fitzhugh were able to discuss plans for the continued operation of the school.

Dr Fitzhugh was notified late Friday morning that the judge had signed the order, finalizing the results of the auction. Now that the auction is over, the staff at KGS has already begun working with the staff at UHS to integrate systems. Dr. Fitzhugh does not anticipate any disruption in the level of service that is currently being provided to the families and students at the school.

Dr. Fitzhugh said that she was pleased that Universal won the bid because they have an outstanding service record, and have committed to allowing the team at KGS to continue on with their existing mission.

"We succeeded in achieving all three of our objectives in refusing to shut the school down. We have been able to and will continue to maintain the same level of care for our students and families that we are known for, we have and will be able to continue to provide employment to our extremely dedicated staff, and we have and can continue to support the communities in which we operate," Dr. Fitzhugh said.

The King George School will continue to operate under the umbrella of the Behavioral Health Division at UHS.

The King George School is a private co-educational emotional growth boarding school in northeast Vermont. The school works with students who have a demonstrated interest in the visual, performing, and creative arts, and who have identified needs for emotional growth. Students that are accepted at the King George School are bright, capable learners with a high interest in proceeding on to college after receiving their high school diploma. For more information, call Mary Reinhardt, Director of Admissions at (802) 467-1200 x 106.

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