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KidsQuest Wagon Train
Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Jim Powell
Clinical Director
Brandi M. Elliott

First Kidsquest Wagon Train Experience A Success

Truly Unique! The first parent choice participants have completed the KidsQuest Wagon Train experience! Students, parents and educational consultants are excited about their completion and the experience they had.

Marjorie, Gregoryís mother stated, I havenít seen him so excited about something in a long time. KidsQuest staff and Gregoryís educational consultant agree that he had a great experience and is more prepared to be successful in his new school.

Since 1976, VisionQuest has been helping at-risk adolescents forge a new path for their future. Utilizing an authentic wagon train, a full-time equine component and the time tested philosophies of the VisionQuest experience, KidsQuest, in Southern Arizona is a healthy alternative for at-risk adolescents aged 12-17. KidsQuest Wagon Train offers rolling enrollments and is an affordable west-coast option at $16,000 for the 6 week life- changing experience!

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