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Quebec, Canada

Therapeutic Centre Now Offers Life Coaching to Parents!

Gilles Latrémouille, Psyt. M.P.N.L.P.

Youíve made the decision to send your son to Kiatou. Now what? What do I do as a parent to share in a growth experience and move myself and my family forward? Coaching is an ongoing partnership with parents that accelerates learning, performance and progress in the lives of the individual parent and the family.

We would like to announce that in December 2005, Gail Bird Necklace, BA, PLC, joined the Kiatou team as our Life Coach. Gail is a professional Life Coach. In addition to a private coaching practice, Gail currently works with homeless and at-risk adults and families with assessments and case management. She has been part of the coordination team for human services and system integration in Richmond, Virginia for the last eight years. She can be contacted at 804-320-9465 or by email.

A core element of Kiatouís program is The Student Workbook. It is a primary tool for your son to discover, define, explore and evaluate who he is and what he wants during a minimum six-week period of time.

Kiatou has developed a corresponding Parent Workbook to assist the parent in a parallel experience. This helps prepare the family for the changes, transitions and the reintegration of sons and their families.

In the spirit of partnership, coaching facilitates and forwards the action of change and progress. Through inquiry, reflection, acknowledgement and visioning, parents are invited to raise their awareness, identify and challenge old family behaviors and assumptions. Parents start by identifying current circumstances and create a vision of a compelling future state. Together, we design effective action steps, practice new behaviors and utilize new tools and structures to support the success of the parent and family.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it!

Letís move forward together!

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