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Bend, OR

Frances Recognized As Certified Parenting Coordinator In Oregon

Dore Frances, President

March 9, 2006

No newcomer to the Child Right's Advocate and Educational Consultant arena, Dore Frances has been helping folks resolve problems related to family and parenting issues for ten years. Ms. Frances has always believed that every parent who turns to the youth at-risk industry for help should receive exceptional value.

This should begin with the first person with whom they speak, continue through treatment and last far beyond placement or graduation. Now, in addition to Child Right's Advocacy and Educational Consulting services, Ms. Frances has the education and experience to serve as a Parenting Coordinator for parents who also have a child in an Emotional Growth or Residential Treatment Program. Ms. Frances offers services as a neutral person to whom parents can turn when in dispute on matters relating to the children. Parents may access the service of a Parenting Coordinator in a more timely fashion and costs are almost always less than going to court.

The role of the Parenting Coordinator is to help parents to come to a successful resolution between themselves before their child graduates or returns home from their program. Horizon Family Solutions offers a "consistent promise of value" which neither begins with placement, nor ends with it. The long-term academic, personal, vocational and professional success of every child is the concern of Horizon Family Solutions. Dore Frances has served as a grief counselor for youth and teens for almost nine years and she was the author of her own newspaper column called the Teen View while residing in California. Dore is also a Certified Wrap-a-Round Facilitator for families in crisis and a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Central Oregon.

Accessibility is a unique and important aspect of the services offered by Horizon Family Solutions. The initial telephone consultation is free.

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