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Press Release

Dahlonega, Georgia

Food & Art Collide

Matt Paul, Director of Academics

August 29, 2006

Following the August break, Culinary Artist Wendy Smawley, lectured on food art during the Welcome Back Day festivities.  Twenty students, invited to engage in an experiential lecture project, learned various ways to incorporate food into art.  

After students saw various pictures of food art, they experimented with their inner food artist by sculpting lard, which holds a butter-like consistency that is similar to well-worked clay.  The lecture taught the students a great deal about culinary art, and they really seemed to enjoy the activities.  

Hidden Lake Academy Art Teacher, Pepper Arnold said, “It was a pleasure to have Wendy lecture and teach us about food, food preparation and display.  Wendy discussed some very interesting facts about food art, such as did you know TV commercials spray motor oil on meat such as hamburgers to make it look more appealing to the consumer?” 

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