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A New Approach To Personal Coaching:
Your E-Coach-An Online, Interactive Coaching Program

EFFL Contact:
Jeff Griswold, President

Mintra Contact:
Svein Berg, Executive VP

January 21, 2006

Effective Learning Systems, Inc., America's leading creator and publisher of self-improvement audio programs, has joined forces with Mintra, Inc., Europe's most innovative e-learning developer, to release Your E-coach: The Art of Leading Yourself. This online personal coaching program is the first of its kind. Based on the latest research on emotional intelligence, the interactive program guides each individual through the process of mastering their own self-leadership.

The program incorporates a user's input to create a custom coaching system that is tailored to the needs of each individual user. And its personalized email feature will also help users keep their focus by reminding them of their goals and strengths on a regular basis. "It's like getting an email from yourself reminding you to keep sight of your goals," states Jeff Griswold, President of Effective Learning Systems. "Imagine having a life coach with the wisdom of Solomon and who knows you as well as you know yourself. That's what you get with this program."

Driven by the ambitions of a maturing and driven X-generation, Life Coaching has become extremely popular in the last few years. Whether it's striving for great wealth, career achievement, or more satisfying and fulfilling relationships, increasing numbers of people are turning to a Life Coach to help them create and follow a plan for making the most of their lives.

"We've succeeded in developing a revolutionary approach to personal coaching," says Svein Berg, Executive Vice President of Mintra. "And at only $180 per year, Your E-coach is priced to make the benefits of coaching available to everyone," adds Mr. Berg.

More about Your E-coach: The Art of Leading Yourself

Your E-coach works like a coach and builds upon basic principles to assist anyone who wants to take a leadership role in their own life. By asking the key questions and guiding each person to reflect on the important areas of their life, Your E-coach helps them move toward their goals and ideals instead of merely maintaining the status quo. The content is based on the work of Randi B. Noyes, an Executive coach and author of the book The Art of Leading Yourself.

As each individual progresses through the exercises, their goals, values, and strengths become more and more clear. The program incorporates their responses to create a custom coaching system that's uniquely tailored to address their needs.

An individual's responses to the exercises are saved so that they can go back and see what they thought and felt at previous stages in their personal development. And the program's personalized e-mail feature helps them stay focused by sending e-mails on a regular basis to help them practice what they've learned and to remind them of their choices, goals, values, and what's important to them.

Your E-coach focus areas:

Your E-coach focuses on several key areas to help the users:

  • Define their abilities, talents, and strengths
  • Establish a personal vision for the future
  • Chart personal goals
  • Become aware of their values
  • Learn how to lead toward change
  • Determine how to create a better future for themselves

Who would benefit from Your E-coach?

Your E-coach is perfect for those who want to:

  • get to know themselves better
  • adopt a positive attitude toward change
  • develop their emotional intelligence
  • find out what they want
  • concentrate on themselves
  • increase their self-confidence and motivation
  • resolve conflicts
  • find their own strengths and resources
  • create meaning in their lives, at work, and at home

About Effective Learning Systems, Inc.:
Effective Learning Systems, Inc. is the leading creator of self-help audio CDs and tapes. With over 100 titles available, their programs are among the bestselling self-improvement audio programs in national bookstores - including Barnes & Noble and Borders - and have been for over 20 years. For more information about Effective Learning Systems and Your E-coach, visit the website above.

About Mintra, Inc.:
Mintra develops custom e-learning solutions that provide useful, measurable and value-added results to their customers. Their state-of-the-art products incorporate the latest learning techniques, technologies and visual effects, resulting in an interesting and engaging experience to users. Mintra was established in 1997, and has become one of Norway's leading e-learning development companies.

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