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Press Release

Communications & Public Affairs
Princeton, New Jersey

Educational Testing Service & The National Center
For Learning Disabilities Host Two-Day Meeting

Tom Ewing

September 25, 2006

MEDIA ADVISORY: Experts to Address Legal and Educational Challenges Facing Students with Learning Disabilities as They Transition to College
WHAT: ETS and the National Center for Learning Disabilities are hosting a two-day meeting to address issues associated with the increasing numbers of students with learning disabilities over the past 30 years and the challenges they face as they transition to higher education. This is the first such symposium of its kind.
BACKGROUND: As the number of students with learning disabilities attending colleges and universities has grown over the past thirty years, so too have the number of issues faced by students, parents, and educators. These changes include:

  • increase in the hot button issues surrounding high school exit exams and college admissions testing for students with learning disabilities,
  • increase in the number of students with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD),
  • changes in the laws and the documentation requirements for high school and college students and the expectations between high school and college for students with learning disabilities,
  • new emphasis on high expectations for transition planning in students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs),
  • growth in the number of colleges for students with learning disabilities and programs within colleges focused on providing services to students with learning disabilities,
  • growth in assistive technologies that increase learning opportunities and independence in higher education,
  • changes to the reporting of admission test scores for students with learning disabilities who received testing accommodations.

This symposium will focus on the educational and legal changes and how they impact college opportunities, transitions, and outcomes for students with learning disabilities. Participants include parents, school administrators, guidance counselors, college admissions professionals, postsecondary disability coordinators, researchers, and members of learning disabilities advocacy groups.
WHEN: Tuesday, October 3 and 4, 2006
HOW: The media is invited to join us for this important conference, which will be held on the grounds of ETS in Princeton, N.J.
RSVP to Tom Ewing at tewing@ets.org or 609-683-2803. For more information, contact Amy Lallier, Symposium Coordinator, (609) 734-5058, alallier@ets.org.
WHO: The following are confirmed speakers for the conference:

  • Manju Banerjee, University of Connecticut – Storrs
  • Jose Blackorby, SRI International
  • Loring Brinckerhoff, ETS
  • Cara Cahalan-Laitusis, ETS
  • Penny Dragonetti, Family Support Center of New Jersey
  • Noel Gregg, University of Georgia
  • Salome Heyward, Salome Heyward & Associates
  • Sheldon Horowitz, National Center for Learning Disabilities
  • Stevan Kukic, Sopris West Educational Services
  • Kurt Landgraf, ETS
  • Corey Leneker, Evergreen State College
  • Michael Nettles, ETS
  • Diana Pullin, Boston College
  • Jim Rein, B&R Resources, Inc.
  • Peter Rice, Middlesex County College
  • Arlyn Roffman, Lesley University
  • Michael Shuttic, Association for Higher Education and Disabilities
  • Martha Thurlow, Nation Center on Educational Outcomes
  • Richard Varn, RJV Consulting
  • Vincent Varrassi, Fairleigh Dickenson University
  • James Wendorf, National Center for Learning Disabilities

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