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Eckerd Youth Alternatives
Deer Lodge, TN

Second Girls Group Opens at Eckerd Youth Alternatives' Deer Lodge, TN Program

Candace Bynum, B.S.
Referral Relations Representative

Just three months after its first girl admission, Eckerd Youth Alternatives' E-Sun-Alee outdoor therapeutic program in Deer Lodge, TN has opened a second girls group. According to Candace Bynum, referral relations representative, parents, psychologists and educational consultants are responding to Eckerd's unique, non-punitive behavior management approach without points, demerits or levels.

Located between Nashville and Knoxville in the rolling hills of the Cumberland Plateau, Eckerd Youth Alternatives' Deer Lodge program provides fully accredited education and residential treatment for privately referred boys and girls ages 10 through 18.

The name E-Sun-Alee means "their tomorrow" in the Muskokee Indian language. Founded in 1968, Eckerd Youth Alternatives has helped thousands of children leave their troubled pasts behind and open the door to brighter futures.

For more information or to make a referral contact Candace Bynum , referral relations representative at 256-503-9717.

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