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Press Release

Kurow, New Zealand

Nathan Tompkins Announces Grand Opening Of Campbell Park

Nathan Tompkins, Founder
USA: 213-988-0718
Ph: +64-3-431-1100

August 31, 2006

Nathan Tompkins, Founder/Owner, Campbell Park New Zealand, announced the campus looks amazing and the buildings are all set for the first students to arrive on September 16.  With a full team of 20 staff members on the ground and ready to go, everything will be in full swing by the grand-opening date of September 18.    

The NZQA and New Zealand Ministry of Education registrations, accreditations and approvals are all finalized to allow Campbell Park to provide its students with internationally recognized academic credit.

The Campbell Park program allows a rigorous academic education to be delivered in an integrated way unlike any other.  Integral parts of the program may include treks into the mountains of New Zealand or restoring a vintage car to nurture the overall development of our students, who may have struggled in the past.

As New Zealand comes out of a terrific ski season and into spring, we look forward to welcoming our first students and sharing a great first summer with them at this new and unique school.  

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