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Press Release
Posted: Sept 29, 2006

Davis, West Virginia

Alldredge To Join Solacium Group

L Jay Mitchell

September 28, 2006

Dear Friends of Alldredge Academy:

We have several important announcements to make.  As Alldredge completes almost a decade of service to youth and families, we thank you for helping make our successes possible.  We have evolved into the most complete, effective and sophisticated short-term program for adolescents in the United States.  Our combination of mountain search and rescue, "rite of passage" village, and academic boarding school has created a therapeutic milieu that generates outcomes in 3 months that other programs hope for in a year.  We want to keep you updated on our evolution.

  • Alldredge has successfully graduated over 1,000 students from the 3-month Semester Back program.
  • Alldredge has over 150 high school graduates receiving their diplomas from Alldredge.
  • Of the 12 nationally certified search and rescue experts in the state of West Virginia, five work for Alldredge. 
  • We have helped write legislative drafts of rules and regulations for the state of West Virginia to manage short-term therapeutic programs, and these drafts have essentially been implemented and passed into law by the legislature.
  • Alumni of Alldredge have independently formed a nonprofit corporation, Alldredge Family Foundation, www.alldredgefamilyfoundation.org, to serve the families of Alldredge graduates as well as families seeking placement of their children in need or crisis.


Additionally, Alldredge has from its beginning searched for ways to expand the usefulness of its unique relational model beyond the borders of Alldredge; we have found a most excellent path.  Alldredge will become a member of the Solacium group, which was recently formed to raise the bar of service and safety within the adolescent care profession.  Alldredge has been owned by the Mitchell family who will continue to own an interest in Alldredge through their equity interest in Solacium.  Val Christensen, an equity partner in Solacium, has extensive experience in the health care industry and will be the CEO while L. Jay Mitchell, founder of Alldredge and co-founder of the SUWS Adolescent Program, will be responsible for program development and implementation.

CIC Partners LP, a Dallas entity with equity ownership in Solacium, will provide additional leadership and financial strength.  Solacium will develop new programs and seek out other programs who share common values and a desire for higher levels of excellence.  In this manner, we hope to raise the bar for the profession.  Another noted program that is part of the Solacium group is New Haven, a residential treatment center for girls.  Agreements between the parties should be completed within a few short weeks.

Alldredge will continue its operation with essentially the same program and personnel with one exception.  Angie Senic, who has been the CEO/Director at Alldredge, has made the difficult decision to leave the Alldredge family.  She is planning to stay in the industry, and is currently considering a position with another company.  Alldredge will miss her, and we thank her for the progress and growth we enjoyed under her stewardship.

Jim Browning will be our new CEO/Director.  He has been the Assistant Executive Director, for the Alldredge Academy, and has served as Director of the Mountain Search and Rescue Program, and Director of the "Rite of Passage" Village.  He has over 20 years of wilderness therapy experience, and has been with us for over 7 years.  Jim knows the program, the program model and the staff thoroughly.  We are excited that he has taken this position and look forward to his leadership in moving Alldredge forward.  He is known for his work with students, compassion, attention to detail, follow through, competency and intelligence.  We invite you to meet him personally if you have not done so already.

We are proud of our past and excited about our future.  We again express our appreciation for your support and trust.  We are working hard at Alldredge to be a significant difference maker.  We are fortunate to associate and collaborate with Solacium.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


L Jay Mitchell

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