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Posted April 13, 2005 

AES Northwest Inc.
PO Box 1207
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Chuck Selent
Vice President, Executive Director

April 13, 2005

Chuck Selent, formerly the Northwest Regional Manager of Special Services for CEDU Family of Services and The Brown Schools, announced that he has joined with Roy Negrete, President of AES-CA Inc., to form AES Northwest Inc.

Chuck said he will continue to bring the quality, compassion and leadership he is known for in his Adolescent Crisis Interventions and Transports to his new position as vice president and executive director of AES Northwest Inc. Chuck will continue to serve and be of service to those he has known and worked with for many years, which includes families, programs and schools.

With over 21 years of experience in diversified environments including nine years of working with “At Risk” teens and 12 years with Special Services for CEDU, Chuck’s vast resources and experience will be an asset to AES Northwest Inc. AES will provide not only quality and compassionate, caring, transports from home to program, and/or program to program, but also Runaway Location/Retrieval and Short Term Interim Care. His years of experience in these areas include literally hundreds of successful transports and runaway searches and retrievals.

AES Northwest Inc. provides nationwide transport service, runaway services in the greater northwestern United States and interim care in the North Idaho area. The AES-CA Inc. website (listed above) will include the new information about AES Northwest Inc., in the next few days. Please feel free to contact Chuck Selent at the above address and phone numbers. The company is looking forward to being of continued service to all, old and new friends alike.

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