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Academy Of The Sierras
Reedley, CA

Healthy Living Academy Profiled On CNN

Ryan Craig
Healthy Living Academy

December 28, 2005

Ryan Craig announced that on December 27, 2005, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 profiled one of the original students who had lost over 300 pounds in 15 months at the Academy of the Sierras (AOS). As you might expect, the student's self-esteem, mood and outlook have been completely transformed. As with the vast majority of students who enroll at AOS, weight loss acted as a catalyst for significant emotional growth and behavioral change. Academic performance has also radically improved: The student came to AOS having failed 9th grade; in January, he will be a second-semester junior at the elite Berkshire School in Massachusetts.

As we prepare to for 2006, I also wanted to let you know that we are launching two new Wellspring Camps this summer. These programs are:

Wellspring Family Camp -- summer weight loss program for parents with children ages 5-13, located on Clear Lake, in the Hiawatha National Forest of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Families enjoy semi-private cabins. Major activities include canoeing, hiking, ropes course, mountain biking and fitness classes.

Wellspring UK -- summer weight loss program located in the Lake District of Northern England for boys and girls ages 12-17, Wellspring UK is the first scientifically-based summer weight loss program in Europe. Major activities include climbing, rappelling, ghyll scrambling, hiking, orienteering, and mountain biking, as well as traditional camp activities such as football and ultimate frisbee.

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