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Press Release

Boise, Idaho

The Boy’s And Men Empowerment Retreat

Dr. Forrest Melton, Jr.

September 12, 2006

The BOY’S and MEN RETREAT & ROPES CHALLENGE course for Fathers and Sons ~ Step-Fathers and Step-Sons ~ Male Mentors and Boys !


Who could benefit from an Empowerment Retreat and Ropes Challenge Course ?

All Boys and Men … father-less boys, step-fathers, biological fathers, sons, boys, men, families, communities, the world.

What is an Empowerment Retreat?  A Boys and Men Empowerment  Retreat is a gathering of young men and adult men in an outdoor setting that brings boys and men closer together in a natural setting to experience, explore and “empower” ourselves.  Challenges, activities and Male-to-Male bonding will take place throughout the program.

What is a Ropes Challenge Course?  The Ropes Challenge Course is a series of activities, specifically designed to challenge the participants to connect communicate and build trust among groups.  The Challenge course is one of the most effective ways to unite, bond and empower groups, teams, families, at-risk youth and corporations

When is the Retreat?  October 14 and 15, 2006

Where will our Retreat - Ropes Course Be?  Trinity Pines Retreat Center and around Cascade Idaho. 

Why would we participate?  At YES!  and ALIVE, we believe that the bond between Boys and Men is imperative to the success of every man, family, community.  Let’s face it, we “know what we know” and together as boys and men, it is possible to learn more and to create a happier world.  T.E.A.M. ~ Together Everyone Achieves More … One of the best ways to get a team of people working together is to challenge the group and add “a bit of adventure” and a “natural environment” into the mix.  Learning how to trust at a deeper level, communicate and listen more effectively and open up the door to “difficult” situations are a few of the benefits that could come from this retreat.

What benefits could unfold with a Ropes Challenge Course experience?

Enhance self-confidence

Emphasize group problem-solving and decision-making

Increased Personal Awareness

Explore the issues of quality, leadership support

Inspire Self-Motivation

Empower Individual commitment

Improving communications

Promote effective risk taking

Build Bonds of Trust

Examine group dynamics and practical problem solving

Increase Respect amongst the Team

Strengthen communications and cooperative spirit

Rekindle Ingenuity

Discover hidden strengths and abilities

Leadership Development Increased Morale

Increase trust and group cohesion

Recreation and Play for well-being

Create a shared experience between co-workers and team-members

Working together as a Team

Incorporate new members into the group

Increased Risk taking

Develop highly effective leaders

Break-through Personal Fears

Build teams faster and better

Build High Self Esteem

Inspire team members to achieve more

Develop stronger, more effective teams

Strengthen personal and professional relationships within the team


Create a shared vision among teams and more ~ Create WIN – WIN – WIN environments and seasons for ALL!

Who is Sponsoring this Retreat and what are their Goals?  The City of Boise – HCHY Healthy Relationships Project and the TVADC Treasure Valley Alcohol and Drug Coalition have awarded YES!  partial funding to host this retreat.  There goals are to heighten the awareness of Boys and Men’s rolls in relationship to Drug & Alcohol Substance use and abuse and Sexual Abuse.  And also to empower boys and men to be strong enough to be powerful leaders and to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Costs?  HCHY and TVADC have donated grants for the majority of this event AND donations of any kind are accepted to our non-profit 501c3 organization … YES!  Youth Empowerment Services BOY’S and MEN EMPOWERMENT RETREAT & ROPES CHALLENGE COURSE.

Contact ALIVE adventures ~ YES!  Youth Empowerment  www.ALIVEadventures.com  /  208-331-2852

You are invited to join us or to share with family, friends, clients to the upcoming Boys and Men Empowerment Retreat.  This will be our 2nd annual event that is focused on bonding fathers and sons, step-fathers and step-sons, men and boys in an adventure education empowerment model.

This program is sponsored by the Healthy Relationships project of HCHY, City of Boise and the TVADC Treasure Valley Alcohol and Drug Coalition and will focus on Sexual Awareness and Drug/Alcohol use and abuse and how Boys and Men play out the roles in these areas.

We will meet in Boise, Idaho ‘early’ in the morning of Saturday, October 14, 2006 and head up-river to Trinity Pines Retreat in Cascade, Idaho.  We will start our Ropes-Challenge Course as soon as we get there.  To understand more about Ropes Challenge Courses and our organization, go to our web site at
www.YES-YouthEmpowermentServices.com and click on the Group Programs. 

After the Ropes Course, we will head over to Cascade Lake and get situated in our Yurts, engage more wilderness adventures, listen to speakers, cook dinner and drum around the fire.  On Sunday morning, we will continue with the process and wrap up around noon.

Most of the costs are covered by HCHY and TVADC, and we are asking for financial donations to help YES!

Who is YES!  Youth Empowerment Services ~ ALIVE adventures:  The YES!  and ALIVE adventures organizations are local Idaho Empowerment and Leadership organizations that uses Adventure Education, Wilderness Therapy and Experiential Education in their programming to Motivate, Inspire and Empower Groups and Individuals to help them to reach their goals.

YES!  - ALIVE adventures was founded and run under the leadership of D. Forrest Melton Jr. of Boise, Idaho.  Forrest has been running Personal and Professional Development trainings since 1994 and working with youth since 1882.

The “Ropes Challenge” portion of the ALIVE adventures programs focuses on empowerment and leadership development of Boys and Men, Corporations, Athletic Teams, Organizations, Families and At-Risk youth.

ADDITIONAL PACKAGES and PROGRAMS can include a wide range of activities, like the Teambuilding Ropes Course, Whitewater Rafting, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Caving, Sailing, Water-skiing, Rock-Climbing, Team Golf competitions for Corporate Retreats, Family Re-Unions, Association Conferences, At-Risk youth programs and Athletic Teambuilding programs…

Please check our web site for more referrals, testimonials, bios and information on ALIVE adventures and YES!  Youth Empowerment Services at www.YES-YouthEmpowermentServices.com


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