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Cusick, WA

Randy Russell, Founder

December 12, 2005

The "Man To Man" Wilderness Workshop

Cusick, WA-Randy Russell, founder of Life Designs, Cusick, WA, and Dennis Crowell, founder of The NorthStar Center, Bend, OR, have created a new workshop for the males of a family, especially for fathers and sons, entitled The "Man to Man" Wilderness Workshop. The mission is to enlarge our understanding of what it means to be males in our families and our culture. This spiritual expedition introduces the steps to being authentic (rather than reactive) through the journey from boy to sage. It will provide the skills on how to recognize, connect and honor each other in our differences and similarities, while being good leaders and companions.

The backdrop is the Coronado National Forest of Southern Arizona, the home to the famous Apache Chief Cochise. Many of the wilderness and initiation skills used in this training were familiar to the people of the First Nations.

The "Man to Man" Wilderness Workshop will be held February 16 through 20 at Cochise Stronghold near Tucson, AZ. The level of physical challenge is moderate to difficult. Applicants: Males, 17 or older, able to camp and walk at least a mile on uneven ground with some steep grades.

The cost per family for the workshop is: $1,400 for two, $2,000 for three, $2,500 for four. The application for attendance and additional information can be found at.

Randy and Colleen Russell, founders of Life Designs (young adult transition and leadership school), have started a new service for families and individuals. SouLore, their new company, provides workshops, ceremonies, initiations and coaching/consulting for soulfully navigating life's transitions (into Adulthood, Midlife, Sage/Elder and for Bumps in the Road).

The three key areas are: Family Coaching for Empowering Young Adults; Facilitating Personal Soul and Spirit Expansion; and, Program Consulting with Adjunct Family Services.

Family Coaching for Empowering Young Adults includes quarterly workshops for parents where they learn how to bring their children into empowered adulthood. It includes understanding the transition and how to formally prepare and celebrate the initiate using your unique family signature and values. The first of these workshops is scheduled for April 21 - 23, 2006 at the Scotia House Retreat Center in Newport, WA, (near Spokane, WA).

The Family Coaching also includes Father/Son and Mother/Daughter Workshops starting with the "Man to Man" Wilderness Workshop near Tucson, AZ held February 16 - 20, 2006. Randy is co-creating this workshop with Dennis Crowell, founder of The NorthStar Center.

Other services for families include Parent/Adult-Child Communication Workshops for individual families and preparing families to create and facilitate a formal Rites of Passage Celebration for their young adult.

Personal Soul and Spirit Expansion is made up of exercises that open oneself in profound ways. The "spirit walk" and the "vision quest" are for those needing to take personal time to assess the direction and meaning of their lives.

SouLore also offers Program Consulting for schools, programs, and churches. The two specific areas are to enhance parent training and enrichment for transitioning the young into adulthood and helping to build meaningful workshops, ceremonies and rituals for transitions. Programs and schools can also contract SouLore to coach parents and prepare them to formally celebrate their child into adulthood.

SouLore, owned and operated by Randy and Colleen Russell are offering a family workshop entitled "Empowering Young Adults" Parent Workshop. This three-day workshop will help parents prepare their children (and themselves) for the transition into empowered adulthood. The passage into adulthood was once the primary focus of the family, the tribe and the occupation of the elders/sages

This workshop not only looks at meaningful transitions but provides parents with tools and ideas for enriching their own lives as well as the lives of their children. It addresses the hard questions about "letting go," empowering versus enabling, and "how do we get from here to there." Healing family wounds in this generation so they don't have to be passed on, and the similarities between quarterlife and midlife transitions will be explored. The workshop will provide you with how to positively promote change and celebrate each individual of your family.

This is an experiential workshop that will include the emotional, the spiritual, and the intellectual. Expect to interact with other parents and assignments that explore the intuitive and the creative. One of the best advantages will be new found friendships that become invaluable resources for you and your family.

The "Empowering Young Adults" Parent Workshop will be held at The Scotia House Retreat Center in Newport, WA (near Spokane, WA). This workshop will be offered three times in 2006, April 21 - 23, July 7 - 9, and October 6 - 8. The cost is $350 per person.

The application for attendance and additional information can be found on the website listed above.

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