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Press Release

Woodland Hills, CA



Anne LaRiviere
Director of Admissions/ Marketing

June 2006

Woodland Hills, CA-David J. Gross, Ph.D., winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering how the nucleus of an atom works, is the newest mentor at the Optimum Performance Institute.

Dr. Gross is the director of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara. OPI Participants often attend lectures at the Kavli Institute.

After one OPI Participant who majors in math at a University near the Institute heard Dr. Gross speak, he wrote, "…It got me to think about the world being related in a way I never thought of before."

As a result, this student changed his major from math to a double major of math and physics and Dr. Gross agreed to meet with him.

OPI is a unique, individualized residential, therapeutic and educational program located in Southern California. Other mentors at OPI include a 6-time Grammy-Nominated Drummer, a filmmaker, a realtor, a surgeon and professional photographers.

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