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Posted August 1, 2002 

Ethical Principles
Submitted by
The National Association of Schools and Programs
Jan Moss, Executive Director
126 North Marina, Suite 3
Prescott, AZ 86301
Phone: 928-442-3042
Fax: 928-442-3042

Members of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) provide residential, therapeutic, and/or education services to children, adolescents, and young adults entrusted to them by parents and guardians. The common mission of NATSAP members is to promote the healthy growth, learning, motivation, and personal well-being of our program participants. The objective of all our therapeutic and educational programs is to provide excellent treatment for our program participants; treatment that is rooted in good-hearted concern for their well-being and growth; respect for them as human beings; and sensitivity to their individual needs and integrity.

In applying to become or continue as a member of The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, we agree to:

1. Be conscious of, and responsive to, the dignity, welfare, and worth of our program participants.

2. Honestly and accurately represent ownership, competence, experience, and scope of activities, and to not exploit potential clients’ fears and vulnerabilities.

3. Respect the privacy, confidentiality, and autonomy of program participants within the context of our facilities and programs.

4. Be aware and respectful of cultural, familial, and societal backgrounds of our program participants.

5. Avoid dual or multiple relationships that may impair professional judgment, increase the risk of harm to program participants, or lead to exploitation.

6. Take reasonable steps to ensure a safe environment that addresses the emotional, spiritual, educational, and physical needs of our program participants.

7. Strive to maintain high standards of competence in our areas of expertise and to be mindful of our limitations.

8. Value continuous professional development, research, and scholarship.

9. Place primary emphasis on the welfare of our program participants in the development and implementation of our business practices.

10. Manage our finances to ensure that there are adequate resources to accomplish our mission.

11. Fully disclose to prospective candidates the nature of services, benefits, risks, and costs.

12. Provide an appropriate professional referral if we are unable to continue service.

As an executive of ____________________________________
a member program/program applying for membership with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, I have signed below to indicate that our organization supports and follows the above Ethical Principles.

_______________________     ________________________
           Signature                           Name (Please print or type)

_______________________     ________________________
           Title                                                   Date

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