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Posted June 3, 2004

June 2, 2004

Dear Colleagues:

We are making changes at Rocky Mountain Academy in order to ensure the continued viability of RMA and to better serve our students. The past few months have seen a decline in enrollment at RMA. The CEDU Education management team has taken a hard look at our options and decided that increased emphasis on substance abuse counseling can better meet the needs of current students while attracting new students to RMA.

By building on our experience in emotional growth education, with a keener focus on substance abuse, we will offer more to students now enrolled in RMA and provide much-needed programs for kids in danger from substance abuse and dependency.

To effectively bring increased emphasis on substance abuse counseling, we are making changes in RMA staff. Five people will be leaving RMA. We are working to transfer some of them to other schools. We will be hiring new staff members whose substance abuse expertise is necessary for the successful implementation of our enhanced program.

RMA will switch campus locations with Northwest Academy. RMA will gain smaller more tightly grouped facilities. NWAs larger student body will enjoy facilities that better match its needs. This move is a win for both schools, our students and for CEDU.

We are in the business of helping kids get their lives on course, but we must make our financial goals while doing our good work. The changes Ive described meet both those goals. I hope you will support this change that will make RMA regain its status as one of the premier programs in our industry.

As always, thank you for your interest and involvement in CEDU Education.

Bob Naples
CEO and President
CEDU Education

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