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Posted November 10, 2003

Dear Parents and Friends of CEDU:

I am extremely pleased to share with you that we are on our way back to the safe and secure CEDU Mountain campus that we all know and love. This morning, the Inspecting Agent for the Building and Safety Agency of Emergency Conditions for San Bernardino County inspected our campus. His report states, "there are no structural hazards either to the interior or exterior of any of our structures." In addition, CEDU Education President and CEO Bob Naples and I walked the campus and are absolutely confident that it is safe. We were very pleased to find that evidence of the fire is nowhere to be seen from the campus or the immediate area. With the inspector's assessment and our own review, I have decided to bring our students and faculty back. We will all be enjoying a hot meal on campus this evening.

We made this announcement to students after they got out of their Summit and the news was met with exuberance and support. I am very proud of our students. They faced the challenge of this disruption with courage and fortitude and have shown us what we all know is within them, the ability to be accountable and responsible, the core of what we teach at CEDU. Without their strength, this could have been a much greater crisis.

Not enough can be said about our staff that tirelessly and selflessly gave of themselves, while also juggling their own families. They are all heroes in my book and have a well-deserved rest coming up.

I greatly appreciate everyone's prayers, concerns, and support. Our infinite gratitude and thanks cannot be communicated enough. I will never forget the showering of generosity we have received. Words alone cannot do justice to express our deepest appreciation. The firefighters said it best with the words they left on our chalkboard, "For three days we came, we fought, and we conquered. You have a beautiful school." Thanks to the firefighters who risked their lives, our parents, students, and faculty, and everyone who rallied together as a team during the last couple of weeks. We are coming home.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. George Condas
Executive Director of CEDU Mountain Schools

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