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Posted October 30, 2003


Media Contact:
Julia Andrick, 208-265-0607 ext. 130 (office) or
208-255-6920 (cell);

SANDPOINT, Idaho (Oct. 30, 2003) - CEDU High School and Middle School students and faculty have evacuated the campus due to the threat caused by wildfires that are plaguing Southern California.

Due to the difficulty containing the fire in the Running Springs area, students and faculty are not able to return to their campus at this time. In the interim, they will be housed in a certified camp in the Calabasas, Calif., area approximately two and a half hours northwest of Running Springs.

The camp, which will be solely occupied by CEDU High School and Middle School students and faculty, sits on more than 500 acres and includes a swimming pool, volleyball court, climbing wall, abundant dorm space, and on-site living quarters for faculty and their families.

"At this camp facility we will be able to deliver the CEDU program and provide our students with the structure and normalcy to which they are familiar," explains CEDU Education California Executive Director Dr. George Condas.

Regular communication has been established with the student's parents and referring professionals during this time. In addition, updates are being posted daily on both of the school's web pages at and

CEDU Mountain Schools telephone number (800) 884-2338 has been routed to a fellow CEDU Education program, Rocky Mountain Academy, and enrollment inquires are being handled there as well.

The very latest eyewitness tells us that none of the buildings on campus have been damaged by fire nor have any other structures in the Running Springs area.
One of our first priorities at this new site is to set-up appropriate communication arrangements in order to restore normal communication as soon as possible. In the meantime, parents are asked to please continue to e-mail your student letters to

We understand that parents are concerned and want to connect with their child, but we ask that you do not call unless there is an emergency as we are focusing our resources on your children. If there is an emergency, we ask parents to please use the on-call pager number and not to call faculty members on their cellular telephones.

Thank you for you continued support, patience and understanding.

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