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Posted March 28, 2005 

Aspen Education Groupís Outdoor Division is offering families who have been displaced from the CEDU/Brown Schools an immediate Transition Option to assist them during this crisis. Placement decisions should be made with thoughtful care, not in a crisis. The SUWS Adolescent program in Idaho will assist families by providing a special, short-term transition setting where students will be able to process their issues, while parents identify and implement residential options.The SUWS Idaho team will ensure the same quality care they have provided for 24 years through this brief intervention.


  • 14-21 days at reduced daily rate of $200 per day (more than 50% off the normal rate)
  •  Can admit up to 21 students ASAP
  •   All in-state to reduce transportation costs

Program Focus:

  •  Transitions
  •  Grief Counseling
  •  Assessment

Program Features:

  •  Individual & Group Therapy Weekly
  •  Daily Group Processing
  •  Weekly Treatment Planning Sessions - Telephonically

This opportunity will be provided exclusively for families with children enrolled in the CEDU/Brown Schools. Unfortunately, with such limited space we cannot extend this offer to students in the Ascent program. Students in Ascent are welcome to transfer over to any of our Outdoor programs.

Space is extremely limited. Please contact the SUWS admissions office directly to reserve space at 888-879-7897.

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