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Posted: October 18, 2005

(*Anonymous - The following press release refers to a web site that offers no identification of the people behind the website, their credentials and/or experience.)



SupportingTeens.com is a state of the art website that focuses on the positive aspects of helping at-risk youth. Our primary goal is to help unite the efforts of those professionals who utilize a positive approach in youth service endeavors. A "positive approach" includes those movements in Psychology, youth services, and the field of education who adopt a positive and optimistic view of human nature and human potential over a more "medicalized" and deficit-model philosophy. Examples of a positive approach might include the efforts of Positive Psychology, certain educational approaches, and any asset-based perspectives to fostering youth development. Whether you are a parent, an educational consultant, or a program representative, a more positive approach to helping youth is desperately needed, and we call on all of those interested to help further this cause.

In the upcoming months, we have high expectations of those that would like to participate. From news stories and current events to new studies and new methods; we want to know what is going on so we can help provide a medium that reaches everyone. Those who sign up as a member and would like to submit articles, press releases, etc… may do so by submitting a request to newsadmin@supportingteens.com.

We are currently offering every group or individual who is trying to influence teens in a positive way, a chance to be involved with us. We are offering various forms of advertising space at the SupportingTeens.com website and also our soon to follow SupportingTeens Magazine. For those who wish to advertise with us today, we are offering a special promotion to kick things off. Right now we are currently offering a "3 for 2" deal. Purchase your ad space and get 3 months of advertising access for the price of 2 months.

We are also offering a special "Featured Spotlight" promotion. The first people who register online and order a 6 month advertising option will also receive "Featured Spotlight Article" of their service or program. This is a section that will be located on the website front page along with a section in the magazine. The two offers can not be used together.

So, come join us today in helping provide a centralized access portal for Parents, Programs, and Professionals.

Editor's Note: In researching this site, we found that the phone number on the www.supportingteens.com, site is 801-717-8010, which is the same number used by the River Rock Academy, owned by William Fleming of Orem, Utah and announced in Woodbury Reports.
In addition, the www.supportingteens.com address is PO Box 1101, Orem Utah, which is the same address for Teen Transporters, also owned by William Fleming of Orem, Utah, as announced in Woodbury Reports.
We were contacted by a parent who called the Supporting Teens phone number about his son and almost immediately received emails with considerable detail from Kathy Allred, Admissions Coordinator, LIFELINES FAMILY SERVICES, www.lifelineshotline.com and www.lifeslinesfamilyservices.com (this one seems to be not available). The resources mentioned in the emails included C. S. Landre "Star of Life" Foundation.

The emails stated they "represent several specific specialty boarding schools" which included:

Academy Ivy Ridge, Ogdensbury, NY

Cross Creek Programs in southern Utah.

Carolina Springs Academy, in South Carolina.

Darrington Academy in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Horizon Academy on the Nevada/California border.

Majestic Ranch, Randolph, Utah.

Midwest Academy in Keokuk, Iowa.

Pilars of Hope, Costa Rica.

Respect Camp, 30 day boot camp in Lucedale, Mississippi.

Spring Creek Lodge, in Thompson Falls, Montana.

Tranquility Bay in Jamaica.

Woodland Hills Maternity Home, in Salem, Utah.

Transport Companies referred to as approved and in good standing with Lifelines Family Services were:

First Response Transports, Gene McMahan.

Rick Strawn Security Services, Rick and Susan Strawn.

Steadfast Security, LeRoy DeVore.

Teen Escort, Ann & Kay Atwood.

Teen Intervention Services, Glenda and James Paulus.

Spring Creek Lodge Second Chance Transport.

Trusting Hands Adolescent Services, for California students only.

Majestic Ranch Intercept Transport Services.

Help Our Teen Adolescent Services: Cross Creek or Majestic Ranch.

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