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Posted  October 17, 2002 

Redemption Christian Academy
Troy, New York
[New Perspective]

Elder John Massey, Jr. founded the Redemption Christian Academy and Post- Graduate School in 1979 in hopes of providing quality education in a positive environment, amidst escalating crime, drugs, and rising illiteracy. His goal was to develop a variety of interesting and exciting extra-curricular activities, geared to instill “responsibility in our future leaders.” His efforts have since blossomed from a day school to a co-ed “day and boarding school with a reputation for maintaining high academic and moral standards.”

A variety of boarding arrangements are available, ranging from: in-home boarding with trained staff members or small residence halls, to traditional dormitories, depending on the particular need and maturity of an individual student. Participating in boarding school life at the Redemption Academy helps the students to prepare for life at a college or university and develops strong leadership and responsibility. “Loving, caring resident counselors, who are trained and experienced in all aspects of boarding school life make students feel as though they are part of a family and are available 24 hours a day to assist with academic, personal or spiritual matters.”

The Post-Graduate program at Redemption Academy works to challenge the student-athlete’s desire and commitment to academic and athletic excellence while preparing the student to advance to a college level. Qualifying students are eligible to participate in their introductory college credit program. All post-graduate students must be willing participants in the Community Action Network Program (CAN) in an effort to make some meaningful contribution to the immediate community. The Academy also has a job-training program in which students receive “hands-on” experience with marketable skills in an actual job situation.

Redemption Christian Academy uses “special incentives” and a highly disciplined safe learning environment to enhance academic, personal, spiritual, and social growth. Financial assistance and athletic scholarships are available for qualified students, with applications accepted on a first-come basis.