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Posted  November 15, 2002 

The Cedars Academy
Bridgeville, Delaware
Mary Pauer - Headmaster

The Cedars Academy is a private residential preparatory school for students who demonstrate a need for enhanced scholastic and social skill development. Their coed student body is comprised of elementary and high school students from across the United States and abroad, representing varied backgrounds and cultures. Their students in the past have encountered learning/attention difficulties in the classroom, and do not have the ability to readily pick up on and properly interpret social cues, leading to problems with peers and their family.

“Students at the Cedars Academy are presented with a system which teaches them how to maintain inner control and how to develop a secure sense of self.” Cedars Academy offers structured education, with class size limited to five or six, teaching students a systematic approach, which promotes responsibility and fosters self-esteem based upon competence. “Structure in schedule and activities are key to helping the student see the line and move toward it. The process allows a student to slow down, look at, and keep energies focused on what s/he is supposed to be doing.”