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Posted  October 17, 2002 

Academy at Cedar Mountain
Jodi Tuttle, Head of School
[New Perspective]

Reorganization and renewal aptly describe The Academy at Cedar Mountain today. Since my return as Head of School, we have moved to our new twenty-six acre campus, which includes two new buildings that serve as dormitories, classrooms, and a dining hall. We are also working with The Institute of Emotional Growth Education (TIEGE) to become a full emotional growth school.

Our overall mission is to provide a strong foundation that will help our students develop a sense of identity, establish a healthy set of values, and become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners. We have three areas of focus, helping our students to develop: emotional maturity, solid academic skills, and leadership skills. In each aspect of school life, we endeavor to help students find connection, compassion, and character.

A debt of gratitude goes out to Linda Houghton, who in the past has been a director of both Mt. Bachelor Academy and King George School. Currently as the founder/director of TIEGE, she has remained steadfastly with us through our changes. She has coached and tutored me, as Head of School, as well as the rest of our faculty as we fulfill our original dream of providing a structured, yet loving and nurturing environment for students. She plans to be here as a consultant approximately once a month over the next year to help us refine and better the school.

TIEGE describes these components as essential for an emotional growth school: a mentor program, communication classes, work ethic, self study, active parent communication, parent seminars, student workshops, leadership/student government, and an integrated arts curriculum. While some schools become certified in only a few of the components, we have been working to integrate all of them into the Academy at Cedar Mountain.

I would like to thank all who have supported us during the reorganization process. We finally have all the issues surrounding the change of Head of School behind us and are moving forward. Several educational consultants have asked me to let them know when we have completed the reorganization and are ready for new students. Well, now is the time.

We feel really good about our current student body and faculty. They are the greatest!!! Students at The Academy at Cedar Mountain are those who can benefit academically, socially, and emotionally from a loving, structured environment, but who do not have serious psychological or behavioral issues.